Monday, December 15, 2008

Sav on end of year NZ Musician cover.

a box of these bad boys came into the office today. the boys come back from the States tomorrow JUST intime for Christmas. i hope they got the AK47 i asked for for Christmas through customs!

Tyna - Overjoyed video

ch-ch-check out the new video from Tyna. not too shabby mate.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


check out some more shit from Live At The Apollo 2. Heres a track i did over the famous Darker Than Blue sample.

Click HERE to download.

ALSO was fortunate enough to get South Aucks pioneering MC, Kilo Delta aka K.D to say a few words over Edwin Starrs super pimped out Easin In break. K.D was my fav MC from Lost Tribe, brother had the mad baratone voice and killed it on the Summer In The Winter track. shot mate!

click HERE to download it.

the whole cd is like 99.8% complete. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

MAREKO - Them Eyes feat. J WIlliams video

morning sportsfans. check out me and my twin talking about girls. directed by my man Ivan at ifconz this is the third single off White Sunday 2. i had a bunch of recording sessions with J Williams earlier this year and he is definitely one talented dude and should be around for a while.

on a sidenote. has this last bit of the year been good for the Dkonz or what mates?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

SAVAGE & Babybash "Wild Out" video shoot

ch-ch-ch-chek it out. some flix from Sav & babybash's video for "Wild Out" Shot at Malibu beach by our dude Chris Graham. Chris you did it again!... yous a genius!! Sav waving the Samoan flag in the states hard. Chaa hooooo. props to good ole Hano Sekona for the pics.

David Dallas - Something Now EP

to keep the fiends happy for the time being, David Dallas aka MC Keanu Reaves has been kind enough to drop an EP of brand spanking new material as a stepping stone to his "Something Awesome" LP which should be dropping soon. I dont know why he keeps dodging me on the Street Fighter challenge tip though. Maybe he wants to accept closer to his release date to create some hype. That may slide in Papatoe but we dont play that in Rewa. anyhoo, check out "Ever Ever" produced by P Money and "Oh Yeah" produced by Fourty One and features the Brown Power Ranger.

TWICE as NICE blog

click here check out the blog from 2 man beat crew Twice as Nice. Consisting of Unknown and Lewis One, They are sorta like the neptunes only with more muscles. As well as producing Dont front on me for the Dkonz theyve also got credits on Young Sids, Eths and Scribes latest albums. be sure to keep an ear to the ground like Evander Holyfield nah mean nah mean?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pakkzwun - Westside Classics Vol 1 DOWNLOAD

you know free shits always good! click the link to download muh dudes new comp.

1.Full Eklipse - Hook It Up ( Prod Trackilla )
2.Full Eklipse - Who ( Prod Trackilla )
3.Lomoney Feat Pakkz - Time after time ( Prod Dundidit Beats )
4.Manix Feat Albino & Pakkz - Stay On My Grind
5.Mega & Pakkz - Let It Reign ( Prod.Jyeah )
6.History Lesson Freestyle
7.In My City
8.Lost Generation ( Prod Nettsmoney )
9.Alliance Feat Abbot & Albino ( Prod Rahxx )
10.Line Em Up Feat Amathyst ( Prod LERCH BEATZ )
11.Smile Feat DRS ( Prod Kase )
12.I Just Dont See Feat 400 & Albino
13.Nikki Montana Feat Pakkz - Real Talk ( Prod Official )
14.Racine - Ridin Feat Chronic Re & Pakkz ( Prod Amin Payne )
15.Spell & Pakkz - AK Giants ( Prod Big Spell )
16.Fuck With Us Feat Truce & Albino
17.Truce Lee Feat Albino , Pakkz & AO - Mr Celebrity
18.DJ Kase Feat JayRoacher , Karizma & Pakkz - Wack Rappers ( Prod Kase )
19.Pakkz & Albino Feat VETYP & NDVJ - Walk With Me Remix ( Prod Rahxx )
20.Pakkz & Albino Feat NDVJ - Walk With Me ( Prod Rahxx )

DEVOLO - TOO SHY number 6!!

this guy! Congrats to my Tongan bretheren for cracking the top 10 with Too Shy! everybody seems to be feeling this track and the general feedback has been O for awesome. hell be playing in Porirua this Saturday so make sure you check him out if your down those ways. nah mean nah mean?

Melbourne City

big ups to everybody that came to support Sweet N Irie and myself at Star Bar in Melbourne in the weekend. definitely be heading back there in the near future! props to Filipo, B.M.E, and my texas holdem partner Unknown Nick aka the lyrical mangina. gold mate!

Sav on Vlad TV

Vlad TV is always good for its entertainment value. the hip hop gossip columnist if you will. check out muh dude chopping it up with the butcher himself. also i must give shout outs to Savs security in the background. top notch work mate!!

Back at it like a crack addict!!

top o' the morning to ya my lovelies!! i havent had the chance to blog that much lately mainly due to the fact that i recently broke my hands lifting tree logs, punching frozen cow carcasses and throwing broken down cars a half a block. sall good now though, the doctor says im cool enough to still get down in the blog stratsphere. anyways, on the solo front been a busy bee lately, broken hands and all. just finished filming the video for "Them Eyes" with my boy Josh Williams. It should be ready for consumption on Monday so keep close to your tv screens with a box of tissues or towel at hand.