Monday, December 15, 2008

Sav on end of year NZ Musician cover.

a box of these bad boys came into the office today. the boys come back from the States tomorrow JUST intime for Christmas. i hope they got the AK47 i asked for for Christmas through customs!

Tyna - Overjoyed video

ch-ch-check out the new video from Tyna. not too shabby mate.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


check out some more shit from Live At The Apollo 2. Heres a track i did over the famous Darker Than Blue sample.

Click HERE to download.

ALSO was fortunate enough to get South Aucks pioneering MC, Kilo Delta aka K.D to say a few words over Edwin Starrs super pimped out Easin In break. K.D was my fav MC from Lost Tribe, brother had the mad baratone voice and killed it on the Summer In The Winter track. shot mate!

click HERE to download it.

the whole cd is like 99.8% complete. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

MAREKO - Them Eyes feat. J WIlliams video

morning sportsfans. check out me and my twin talking about girls. directed by my man Ivan at ifconz this is the third single off White Sunday 2. i had a bunch of recording sessions with J Williams earlier this year and he is definitely one talented dude and should be around for a while.

on a sidenote. has this last bit of the year been good for the Dkonz or what mates?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

SAVAGE & Babybash "Wild Out" video shoot

ch-ch-ch-chek it out. some flix from Sav & babybash's video for "Wild Out" Shot at Malibu beach by our dude Chris Graham. Chris you did it again!... yous a genius!! Sav waving the Samoan flag in the states hard. Chaa hooooo. props to good ole Hano Sekona for the pics.

David Dallas - Something Now EP

to keep the fiends happy for the time being, David Dallas aka MC Keanu Reaves has been kind enough to drop an EP of brand spanking new material as a stepping stone to his "Something Awesome" LP which should be dropping soon. I dont know why he keeps dodging me on the Street Fighter challenge tip though. Maybe he wants to accept closer to his release date to create some hype. That may slide in Papatoe but we dont play that in Rewa. anyhoo, check out "Ever Ever" produced by P Money and "Oh Yeah" produced by Fourty One and features the Brown Power Ranger.

TWICE as NICE blog

click here check out the blog from 2 man beat crew Twice as Nice. Consisting of Unknown and Lewis One, They are sorta like the neptunes only with more muscles. As well as producing Dont front on me for the Dkonz theyve also got credits on Young Sids, Eths and Scribes latest albums. be sure to keep an ear to the ground like Evander Holyfield nah mean nah mean?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pakkzwun - Westside Classics Vol 1 DOWNLOAD

you know free shits always good! click the link to download muh dudes new comp.

1.Full Eklipse - Hook It Up ( Prod Trackilla )
2.Full Eklipse - Who ( Prod Trackilla )
3.Lomoney Feat Pakkz - Time after time ( Prod Dundidit Beats )
4.Manix Feat Albino & Pakkz - Stay On My Grind
5.Mega & Pakkz - Let It Reign ( Prod.Jyeah )
6.History Lesson Freestyle
7.In My City
8.Lost Generation ( Prod Nettsmoney )
9.Alliance Feat Abbot & Albino ( Prod Rahxx )
10.Line Em Up Feat Amathyst ( Prod LERCH BEATZ )
11.Smile Feat DRS ( Prod Kase )
12.I Just Dont See Feat 400 & Albino
13.Nikki Montana Feat Pakkz - Real Talk ( Prod Official )
14.Racine - Ridin Feat Chronic Re & Pakkz ( Prod Amin Payne )
15.Spell & Pakkz - AK Giants ( Prod Big Spell )
16.Fuck With Us Feat Truce & Albino
17.Truce Lee Feat Albino , Pakkz & AO - Mr Celebrity
18.DJ Kase Feat JayRoacher , Karizma & Pakkz - Wack Rappers ( Prod Kase )
19.Pakkz & Albino Feat VETYP & NDVJ - Walk With Me Remix ( Prod Rahxx )
20.Pakkz & Albino Feat NDVJ - Walk With Me ( Prod Rahxx )

DEVOLO - TOO SHY number 6!!

this guy! Congrats to my Tongan bretheren for cracking the top 10 with Too Shy! everybody seems to be feeling this track and the general feedback has been O for awesome. hell be playing in Porirua this Saturday so make sure you check him out if your down those ways. nah mean nah mean?

Melbourne City

big ups to everybody that came to support Sweet N Irie and myself at Star Bar in Melbourne in the weekend. definitely be heading back there in the near future! props to Filipo, B.M.E, and my texas holdem partner Unknown Nick aka the lyrical mangina. gold mate!

Sav on Vlad TV

Vlad TV is always good for its entertainment value. the hip hop gossip columnist if you will. check out muh dude chopping it up with the butcher himself. also i must give shout outs to Savs security in the background. top notch work mate!!

Back at it like a crack addict!!

top o' the morning to ya my lovelies!! i havent had the chance to blog that much lately mainly due to the fact that i recently broke my hands lifting tree logs, punching frozen cow carcasses and throwing broken down cars a half a block. sall good now though, the doctor says im cool enough to still get down in the blog stratsphere. anyways, on the solo front been a busy bee lately, broken hands and all. just finished filming the video for "Them Eyes" with my boy Josh Williams. It should be ready for consumption on Monday so keep close to your tv screens with a box of tissues or towel at hand.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dawn Raid Weekend in Whakatane

Yes yes we on the road again... Friday at the Commercial Hotel in Whakatane is the place to be! I'll be there with DJs Montana & Shady1, Horsemen Family and Devolo... Saturday night is Sweet & Irie jammin' 3 huge sets.. Tickets on sale now from the Commercial and My Music is Whakatane - $15 per night or $20 for both!

Monday, November 3, 2008


hey you filthy mcnasties! Volos debut album finally instores and online today so do your stereo or ipod a favour and give it its proper nutrients. if you felt the stuff thats been slowly leaking on the net over the last couple of weeks then the rest of the album should chase it nicely. Finally good to see muh dude get his solo shine.

also check out the vid to his new single "Too Shy"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Devolo full album preview on Mypsace

Check out the bro's myspace page to listen to every track off the album before it drops on Monday...

Then go buy 3 copies on Monday one for you and one for your sister and one for your uncle's cousin.


ahoy there mateys. check out the next single for Devolo off his album Heaven & Hell dropping this Monday. yummy yummy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


C you thea!! woop woop!!

Wellington Labour Weekend Triple Threat

Morning Sportsfans!!! if your in Welly this labour weekend, come check us out and have a brewski or two at Coyotes bar this Sunday. Beatrootz, Devolo & yours truly will be there bringing that Deceptikonz / Horsemen brand of hip hop to the nation capital. 5 bucks at the door!! so like a crack head at the end of his buzz ......... COME ON DOWN!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ahoy there!! New Track "Fresh Til My Death" from his debut Solo LP "Heaven &B Hell" dropping in November. yummy yummy. eat it up you filthy mcnasties!

Click here to download!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Homebrew - Last Week EP

just got put onto this by the mole patrol! best shit ive heard in ages. dope concept. im sure you can find a link to each of these tracks floating around here somewhere. Eagerly awaiting next week dudes!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Nesian Vid

howdy mateys. check out new nesian vid shot entirely on their phone cameras. cool idea!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sav @ 900,000

100,000 shy of a million sales.... in the states ya big dummy!!!


woddup my digital gangstas. if your doing nothing tomorrow night roll down to Zen Bar and check us out at Reggae Nights. along with Sweet N Irie, 3 Houses Down and Cydel with DJs Montana & Shady1. Some good South Aucks music in the city.

2008 Music Awards

its Friday and i just woke up from the awards! golly. gotta say an ultra big ups to Sav for finally winning us a tui 6 years later! lol. big ups to Scribble for donning the hip hop award. two bebo hearts for Flight of the Conchords for their hard case aaceptance speeches. and an extra kudos to the two poor guys that kissed the casino floor for talking trash! bring on 2009!!


these guys!! check out their new blog here . its quite intriguing! i also like how Avina, (the muscly one) is always looking to the left in all the photos!! RRraaaooWW !! get em tiger!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Savage Swing

check it out NEW Swing video! directed by Mr Fly Kai (Moonshine)
give it a whirl mates!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Devolo Track "God Chose Me feat. Savage"

New Devolo track "God Chose Me" featuring Savage. Off Devolos debut solo album "Heaven & Hell" dropping next month.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calling out David Dallas!!!!!

thats it mate, ive had enough of your shit. Uv been running your mouth for a while and Tuesday night was the last straw. I challenge you to a hyper fight match. $100!! best to 5. holla!

Cop Shooting in Mangere

wasnt there a number of shootings and a homicide case just a week ago? This shooting shit is becoming an ugly trend. Like the people round these ways arent already on edge enough, now we most likely have to live with the boys in blue patrolling the beat strapped with guns. But how Training Dayish does the shit look? corrupt or stupidly thought out plan.

A plainclothes police officer was disturbed putting a tracking device on a vehicle early this morning, chased in a car and then shot dead.

The officer's colleague was also shot and is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The two officers were attempting to put the tracking device on a car at a house in Mangere, Auckland at about 1.45am when they were seen.

The officers were disturbed while they tried to put a tracking device on a car. The officers ran from the house, which is suspected of being connected to a P or methamphetamine lab, and were chased in a car about 75m up Hain Ave to Earlsworth Rd where they were shot.

Resident Sam Aiono said he woke to gunshots and saw a dead police officer lying in his driveway.

He said police officers were already on the scene by the time he looked outside.

One policeman died immediately from a single gun shot and the other was wounded and is being treated in Middlemore Hospital. He will undergo surgery today but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

AdvertisementPolice are interviewing two men about the shooting and it is not clear if others are being sought.

Details of the dead policeman, the 28th to die on duty since 1890, have yet to be released.

Superintendent Ted Cox said two children, one aged 15 and the other an 11-month old baby, were left in the house.

He said: "The installation of the device was authorised under warrant from the district court.

"These officers were disturbed by occupants of the house who pursued them while armed, got into a vehicle and chased them down the road.

"As they fled from the address to some 75 metres away where both the officers were shot.

"One unfortunately died immediately from a single gunshot wound. The other is in hospital and will undergo an operation later today. Thankfully, his injuries were not life threatening."

Mr Cox said that before the shooting there was nothing in the "risk assessment" of the property to indicate the "people we were targeting or the address indicated a heightened concern".

He said the armed officers squad was not used during the early stages but armed police were nearby to help if needed. "These offences unfolded very, very quickly and they were unable to respond to save their colleagues."

Mr Cox said losing a staff member in these circumstances is his worst nightmare come true.

"It's an absolute tragedy to lose an officer and have another so seriously threatened in this way," he said.

"Two people came out from the Hain Ave address, got into a vehicle and pursued the officers who were on foot.

"As this was a covert operation we don't know yet whether they identified themselves as police officers, but I can't think of any reason to pursue and shoot anybody in this manner."

The Armed Offenders Squad is now at the scene, which has been cordoned off.

Both officers were part of the Auckland Metro Crime and Operations Service (AMCOS), a region-wide service that incorporates a number of specialist police units and which is based in Otahuhu.

Several vehicles are being sought in relation to the incident.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Free TXT "C4 Horsemen Family" to 787

woop woop! Horsemen Family have been nominated for the final round of the Vodafones peoples choice award at this years Tuis. Thanks heaps mateys! Neat alright! But the yakka doesnt stop here. Unlike the first round of voting, you only get One TXT vote and one online vote for this whole round of voting. so tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to free txt "C4 Horsemen Family" to 787 or vist to register and vote. So please support the brothers!! nah mean jelly bean?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Awards Time

sup mateys. award time again! Very fortunate to be nominated for:
Best Hip Hop Album
Mareko - White Sunday 2: The Book Of Mark

Peoples Choice Award
Horsemen Family

On the flip side of things, We are also nominated in the JuiceTv awards line up.

Telecom best video
Horsemen Family - Feels like Magic

Best Hip Hop Video
Mareko - Record Of The Year
Horsemen Family - Feels like Magic

So visit & for info on how to vote accordingly! nah mean nah mean? support the brothas!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Backyard performance.

Howdy pardners!! Devolo and me got a performance at our local watering hole next weekend. come on down to 220 in Manurewa and check out our brandspanking new tag team set and have a few brewskis with us. details on the flyer!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hip Hop Guard

Saw this on nahright a couple sleeps ago. I wasnt gonna touch on it but im curious as to what you filthy mc nasties think. At first you cant help but stand back and look at it as another respected rapper just mad at the current state of the scene but the man brings up some interesting points. Obviously there is a top tier of Exec/MCs in the game that have more pull (or push) in certain circles. Shiet i know you raised your monobrow at the whole Hip-Hop-Is-Dead-and-President-Jiggas-Kingdom-Come release situation.

Would Puffy sign another fat-black-ugly-as-ever rapper? probably not. The music biz is too American Idoled for that. Someone take a risk mates! But you gotta respect young ass Souljah Boy for saying fuck the guard and doing it himself to the point hes got a yellow lambourghinni on his new clip. i dont care if its rented, that young dude definitely has enough to buy one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

C4 Codes for the brothers.

Salutations peoples. heres a few more brothers to support on the Select Live front.

Vote daily for ya boy Devolo by texting s131 to 4440

TEXT s138 to 4440 to vote for Sweet & Irie "My Girl"

now GET!

Monday, August 25, 2008

funny shit.

ooh damn this was the funniest shit. Just found this floating around on the net. Any one who went to the K-Ci and Jojo concert a few years back wouldve been treated to an interesting performance by the brothers. Now as a performer it is acceptable to have a beer or two before you take the stage to calm your nerves. Done it heaps of times. But you gotta be careful not to step over that fine line with your pre performance drinks to the point your forgetting your words or drying your throat up. done that too. But these dudes Auckland performance took the cake, Jojo had one too many long island ice teas and straight up passed out on stage! K-Ci the consumate professional holding it down. party like a rockstar but give the fans their moneys worth mate.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Record Of The Year Tour!!

Check it out holmes! the record of the year tour coming down capital ways tomorrow and Saturday! Dont believe me? just look at the flyer ya big dummy! should be a doozy, Cruz bar always shows love and im sure Hutt Bar will be just as awesome. Big ups to the uso Flowz for being the gracious host that he is. so if your not doing anything on those dates then ill see you there! and even if you ARE doing something on those nights, ill see you there!

check the flyer for details mates.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Horsemen Family peoples choice awards.

Ahoy there mateys! its music awards time again and C4 go the prestigous peoples choice award up for grabs! all you guys need to do is Text "c4 horsemen family" to 787 and vote Horsemen Family for VODAFONE's Peoples Choice Award! One free txt everday, and 20c for every text after that.

check out for more info. now scram mates!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


fresh out the protools oven my good friends! heres another rough track from Devolos forthcoming album "Heaven & Hell" this hearty serving is called "Get Em" and is produced by yours truly! nah mean nah mean? its on some nightmare on elm street shit but innocent enough to bump on your way to church! give it a whirl mates!

Heaven & Hell instores & online September!!

Click to Listen to "Devolo - Get'Em"

Devolo - Get Em.mp3">

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DEVOLO - Somebody video

well well mateys, heres the video for the first single, "Somebody" from his forthcoming solo debut "Heaven & Hell". Shot at the almost defunct Asta bar (old bass bar *pours out a little liquor*) by sensei Ivan Slavov. lets do it yeah yeah!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Afternoon sportsfans! Check out a new track from Live At The Apollo 2. Its called "Pork Buns (coconut deriere)" and features my man Sanjesh. Basically I had a few spare moments between adding the finishing touches on volos album and doing the tail end of the White Sunday 2 promo. Ive had enough time to put together the second installment to my "Live At The Apollo" series. Its near completion and should be ready for your consumption in a couple of weeks. For those not in the know, the theme of Live At the Apollo is just myself and a couple of choice friends spitting over dry, or semi dry original samples of popular hip hop tracks. Click here to download the first volume.

So check it out mates, some exclusive shit from the second volume sees moi freaking Hossam Ramzy's "Khusara Khusara" track as made popular by Jay Z for "Big Pimping" stay posted for more shit. CHING CHING!


Just got this article via email from the big homie in NY. The momentum is still rolling for the freak hit Swing! and as i type it has just entered the Billboard top 1000 at 91 among others!! thats an awesome achievement for all of us. also props to YDNA for the collar popping! i like yeeew. :D go hard boys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

BEATKAMP - Rap Game vid

Beatkamp - Rap Game Filmclip from Deep Creative on Vimeo.

Check it out holmes! Capitalising on the freak success off his production on Swing! Supertalented producer A.T.P (formerly Adeeez) and a group of all round nice guys get their collabo on for one of the most impressive videos ive seen for a while mate. featuring Sav, MZRE, PNC, Xy, and OP. on some Alphabet Soup shit!! che-ch-check it out!! HORSEMEN FAM WWAAAT!!

R.I.P Bernie Mac

Wow, read this on teletext in the weekend. :) The great Bernie Mac passed on. Now i read a few weeks earlier there were rumours that Bernie Mac had passed and people in his camp were saying the man was in hospital with pneumonia but still able bodied. dude was legendary in his field. add that with Isaac Hayes passing and kiwi born U.S volleyball coach and you have an allround blue state of affairs.

DMCs NZ 2008.

Big ups to my man DJ Impact for taking out the 2008 DMCs on Saturday night at a packed out Zen! damn the Waikato doing well in everything aye? hurr hurr. never the less it was an awesome display of skills and Impact definitely deserved that monster of a prize pack, including that trip to London to compete in the international comp. funny seeing djs messily chucking vinyl and shit everywhere again as oposed to having an open laptop next to their turnies. thats a sight i havent seen for a while. aaaaaahh.

the results were as follows: 1st - DJ Impact. 2nd DJ DForm. & 3rd DJ Spell.
but dont take my word for it.... check out the picture above mate!! :D :D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sweet & Irie - My Girl video

The ball just keeps on rollin round here my good friends! Check out the new single/video, "My Girl" from Sweet & Irie off their forthcoming album. Always a pleasure working with these guys!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


had to start the week off with a bang! so here you go sports fans, a track from Devolos forthcoming debut solo LP "Heaven & Hell" i found floating around on the net. I think its been leaked from the dawn raid studio engineer........ anyways! the track is rough and is fresh outta the pro tools session, so its yet to be mixed and mastered but its still decent enough to listen to, so go on and give it a whirl!

The track is called "What We Do" and is produced by yours truly! working on this album has been refreshing and satisfying, partly due to the fact that its finally cool to see my mans get his just due on the solo tip. "Heaven & Hell" instores and online in September. nah mean nah mean?

Click here to download!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TXT s175 to 4440 on C4 Select Live for Record Of The Year!!

well... what you waiting for? :) :)


daam, been a good 14 days since my last blog post! gollyyyy. been a busy bee hybernating in the studio finishing volos album and its finally been sent for mixing and mastering mateys! we grrrrinding and thats another in the can! aside from that alot of going ons have also been happening in the horsemen stable. Savage and Alphrisk have left to the states to continue promoting the sleeping giant that is Swing! They are filming the American video for Swing! this week with Souljah Boy so keep both eyes peeled for that. I think after filming the video with some of the extras they got lined up, Sav might have to make a remix called "Boing!" :) And were still at the Manrewa markets every Sunday morning selling that Horsemen merchandise.

but check out this lovely new track from up and coming female rapper, Riskay. its definitely on some next shit mates!! CHING CHING

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DEVOLO - "Heaven & Hell"

Top of the morning to ya! So Devolos been putting in the hard yards for his debut album over the last couple of nights and with the few finishing touches on the recording side of things, its shaping up to be a top quality product mateys. and the dude deserves quality after waiting in line to go at it alone 6 years and 7 Deceptikonz LPs later. golllyll. Aptly titled "Heaven & Hell" it definitely lives the ying & yang feel the title suggests with the single shit and some of the bestestest hard shit ive heard in a while. especially for you message board heads :D :D. check him out at

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Woddup my digital gangsters! heres the second video from "White Sunday 2 - The Book of Mark". Initially we had another track in mind for the follow up to "Gotta Go" but the response to "Record Of The Year" was huge every time i performed it on tour, it was a no brainer to put it out there. Big ups to Ivan Slavov, the good people at ifconz productions and everybody involved for the swell time! take a gander! CHING CHING!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ahoy there mateys. The new Back2Basics mag is instores now and has an awesome write up on the beginnning stages of Savs new careeer Stateside. Plus ya boys got a write up so its a grand Dkonz affair this issue! nah mean nah mean?

SCRIBE - Baby Girl Vid

Golllly! This morning was stupidly cold. I parked up at Manukau Westfield, hopped out the car and slipped on my deriere from the ice on the damn ground. lucky im too gangsta to care. *cough cough* anyways, heres a nice video to escape this gay ass weather.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tourettes Interview

saw this on . check it out. a good little slice of that non conformist dude, Tourettes.

Killer Mike ft. Ice Cube - Pressure

These two always got something real to say. So both of them on one track is bound to incite something.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Record Of The Year video shoot

Ahoy there mateys! just finished shooting the video for the second single off "White Sunday 2: The Book Of Mark". Record Of The Year, directed by Ivan Slavov for ifconz. keep your eyes peeled for it! ching ching!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Jodeci Reunion Tour

Just saw this a few minutes ago. I hope to high heavens that it happens. the Jodeci reunion tour is upsized-boss-burger-combo-mean, but Johnny Gill? thats the shieeet! fingers crossed mateys!

Vodka & Apple Juice DOWNLOAD

Golllyyyyy! been so busy lately that i didnt realise i was neglecting my poor blogging baby. there there.

In the weekend the Horsemen Fambam did a teenage fundraiser in Hamilton for local dance crew "Supremecy". They took out a national title and are trying to get Las Vegas to compete in the world champs, and deservedly so because they definitely have the skills to represent NZ. One observation of the night was how good that generation of kids are at dancing. It cracked me up because there was like 800 kids there and all of them were doing the latest video dance, but they were co-ordinated as fduck! a far cry from my socials, where it was either the same ole two step or you were lurking in the corners with your crew. anyways, good luck my dudes!

But what really cracked me up was the second part to the gang docco last Thursday. The youth gangs were comedy gold i tells ya! especially little fella from the crip crew.

Little Fella: We do everything!
Pam: have you guys done murder?
Little Fella: aahh.... hmmm.... uhhhh.... n-nah not yet... b-b-b-but we will!!

hard case. 100 points for you mate. aaaanyways, heres a track that loosely relates to all of this tom foolery. "Vodka & Apple Juice" Its pretty old and was one of the itunes bonus tracks for the Horsemen Family album. Its produced by yours truly and features member of the Supremecy crew, Pania. enjoy you dirty rascals!!

Click here to download

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


salutations sports fans!! if your ever in Manurewa on a Sunday morning and youve skipped your church service then pop on down to the Rewa markets. We got our Horsemen stall up where you can purchase horsemen shirts of all sizes, colours and designs as well as mixtapes and other goodies for sale. bottom of Maich Rd in Manurewa on Sunday mornings. give it a whirl!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet N Irie - Mama Dont Cry release party

Big ups to Ed and the entire Sweet N Irie crew for the successful release party on Thursday night. Marking the official release of their new single "Mama Dont Cry" which you can get your sticky little mits on right now from the Warehouse, existing music outlets and also online at iTunes and Digirama.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


besides the obvious bullkaka thats been happening in our local news, this week has been a pretty fantabulous week. one of the reasons is that muh dawg keeps doing the freakishly outlandish in the states. Swing got added to radio this week in the states and beat out the new tracks from Rick Ross, Ice Cube and so on for the #1 spot. golllyyyy

jacked from the Dawnraid website:

"Savage continues to gain momentum in the US with "Swing" being the #1 most requested song at radio stations in San Diego, Tulsa, & Salt Lake City! Over 30+ US stations are now spinning "Swing" and it's moving up the charts fast.

This week Savage travels to the West Coast for the second time in 2 weeks and stops at radio stations in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Oakland California!!"

i dont think thats Urban radio either, i think its like the equivalent to the edge and ZM here. so thats some big mainstream crossover shit. proud of you dawg!! DKONZ/HORSEMEN FAMBAM waaaaaaaaaat!

Monday, June 16, 2008

South Aucks Killing Spree = Too Many Liquor Stores

3 murders in ten days they say. i dont think you can put this latest kililng spree, or any of the issues in South Aucks down to one specific thing. Its been pissing down lately so there goes Annette King's Sun and Moon theory. But the most recent blame of choice seems to be the large number of liquor outlets in the area. It seems to be a valid argument, but i still blame that white stuff. The huge amount of liquor stores in the area causes competition between eachother, which in turn causes them to all drop their prices. So not only can you buy your liks almost anywhere out here, but you can get it cheaper out South than anywhere in the country. Aint that a bitch? it reminds me of Lawrence Fishburne's Boyz N The Hood spiel, "Why is there a liquor store on every corner of this neighbourhood, the same reason theres a gun store on every corner of this neighbourhood, why? they want us to kill ourselves, you got out to Beverly Hills you dont see that shit" which is extreme but not that far from the truth. maybe a few years? hurr hurr, its a good start but i still blame that white stuff for the majority of this shit mate.

But this didnt pop up over night. Its a well known fact that peoples around here have been demanding some change for a while. I remember this exact same time last year when that Waina Emery lady organised a youth protest through Rewa for this exact same reason which got hundreds of local youth taking to the streets. I guess it fell on deaf ears. no doubt shell have more of a foundation now to get her point across. The number of liquor stores argument is a good start. but negro plz! that isnt what prompted those kids to snatch that womans purse then run her over. i heard something today that when you wanna blame the parents for misled youth, but find the parents are just as fucked up as the kids, thats when you blame the community? so whos responsible for the community matey?

Aotearoa All Stars part 2 me thinks! except change the hook to "What the hell are you Drinking?" nah mean nah mean?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

DEVOLO in studio recording debut Solo LP

salutations sports fans. the ball just keeps on rolling doesnt it? im excited to inform you that the skinny one in the Deceptikonz is finally recording his solo lp. Production duties will be handled by DJ Montana and is already taking shape quite loverrly. exciting times, exciting times.

Zeitgeist the movie.

is this the most out of shit? i know this is like a year old now but i just got put onto it and after watching it i feel like getting my immortal technique on. i know its been put on the net for free consumption. if you get a chance, give it a whirl.

Monday, June 9, 2008


shiet am i the slowest dude to put this up. check out the new vid from that dude Ethical. yummy yummy.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lil WAYNE - Carter 3

shits fucked up. i dunno if ive been sub consicously brainwashed by Lil Wayne's Carter 3 marketing buzz, or im just feeling the way he sounds so cleverly stupid every time he spits. i dunno, but whatever it is, it got me eagerly waiting for the Carter 3 release. Anticipation i havent had for a release in a while sports fans.

Well its no secret that its unfortunately been leaked to the net by one of his roadies. killed. but it probably explains why i magically found a burnt cd lying on the ground on my way to the work place with "Carter 3" scribbled all over it. kiiiiilled.................... so after listening to the shit all day i gotta say that Carter 3 succeds in every aspect of a dope album. the production is slick and Weezy still sounds like a Gremlin, but shiet, Gizmo never sounded doper. my only low point would probably be the Jay Z collabo "Mr Carter". Its not a wack track, just with these two monsters in the booth it couldve been on some lunatic shit. "Dr Carter" is my shit though.

im going to still purchase this on its release, but its funny. who wouldve thought that one of the Cash Money Billionaires would single handedly keep hip hop afloat and be one of the most lyrically advanced dudes in 2008. BLING BLING!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


damn ive been slippin, i didnt realise i didnt put this up. taken from the the 2006 Australia MTV awards, Sav was nominated for best male hip hop that night but lost out to Snoop Dogg who was in kangaroo land for his tour.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Damn smoke machines!!! if you look through the fog and the hands you can see us on stage. :P big ups to everybody that packed out Coyotes bar in the weekend for our Christchurch leg of the tour. the shit went down a treat it did! next stop is Tauranga.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


check this out mateys! last week the lovely ladies in the office had their umbrellas out coz ya boy was cooking up a storm! ooweee. i went for that good ole artery clogging island favourite for my dish: Taro and Corned beef. it was a bit of a risk coz i knew most of the gals at nzgirl would probably not have tried this before, and taro is definitely an aquired taste. but with a few gormet modifications *cough cough* the shit went down a treat! nah mean nah mean?

jacked from the website.

Mareko's Corned Beef and Taro
Time to Prepare: The cooking time was mainly upped by the taro which took 20 minutes to boil. Any other preparation could be done within that time, so all around a quick dish to whip up!

The $$$: This is a very inexpensive and economical dish - we were able to feed the entire office, 12 people! All up it cost just under $30, which works out to be a measly $2.50 per serve!

Taste Rating: After being informed that generally taro doesn’t go down too well for first timers, we were all pleasantly surprised with what turned out to be a pretty scrummy dish (scratch those rumours of taro being yucky!). The fact we all went back for seconds speaks for itself!

check for the full scoop and recipe or just CLICK HERE

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


jacked from the dawnraid website

Savage continues his movement into America with a crazy collaboration Mixtape with New York's iconic DJ Green Lantern.

The new mixtape tilted "Coming To America" is currently being recorded and features classic and new material from the Samoan MC and new exclusive joints produced by DJ Green Lantern and performed by his Future Green artists.

"Coming To America" will feature throwback artwork to the classic comedy by Eddie Murphy + comedy surprises, so be sure to check back in as this unfolds!!

sweet brother noompsy!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Remember circa 2004 when a shit load of NZs hippety hop talent packed on to a super bus and toured in almost every city for the Hook Up Tour? aaaah the hook up tour ........ anyways, running along those lines is the Urban Playground tour, featuring a number of artists including yours truly! The tour kicks off this Thursday in Whangarei and will continue through a number of cities over the next couple of weekends. Check the poster above to see if your town is down for the urban playground. *cough cough* CHING CHING!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Mucho grando props for everybody that came out and packed the Zen bar on Saturday night for the Auckland leg of the White Sunday 2 realease / Feels Like Magic Tour which trippled up as the Savage farewell party. The gummi bear juice was flowing thanks to the good people at Alize and the City of Sails came out showed love that night. We will all be in Christchurch this Saturday at Coyotes, so if your in the neighbourhood, pop in for a cuppa.


morning sports fans, make sure you make an effort to purchase the bros album. in all good music stores and online. nah mean nah mean?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"the fuck outta here with that bullshit!!"

better luck for game 2 guys! :) :) :)


A beast on the keys AND on the sample shit. Montana is definitely on some next schtuff!! HORSEMEN FAM BAM WAAAT!!

jacked from the dawnraid website:

"Acclaimed South Auckland producer DJ Montana of the Horsemen Family has signed a production and publishing agreement with Dawn Raid Music on the strength of his multi talented production skills. Montana produced Hush Mode by Alphrisk, Family Tribute by Savage, Bring It Back by Axeman and Good Times by Mareko featuring Frum Tha Stablez & Lyric from Horsemen Family - My Shout: The Album. If you have been lucky enough to score a copy of the Horsemen Family Alize mixtape you will find that this wonder kid has also produced a number of bangers on there. Currently Montana is producing material with Mareko for the new US Savage album.

Download "Horsemen Family - Get Down" from the Alize mixtape for a sample of his work.

Monday, May 19, 2008

PNC - Find Me Video.

heres the second vid from PNCs new album. produced by Dualnote from Welly? not too shabby at all!

Sheek Louch - "Good Love"

You know i got a soft spot for that east-coast-boom-bap-sample-based-street shit. remember when you would eagerly anticipate the release of an artist, get it the day it was released, play that shit in the car, at home, to your boys or where ever for like a year straight til you knew every aspect of that record? aaaah the good ole days. Sheek Louches "Silverback Gorilla" wasnt one of them, but it sure did come close. heres some flash back shit!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saw the uso in Porirua in the weekend and was given STRICT orders to chuck his new video up on the blog,:) check it out , "Flowz - I Got My Eye On You feat. Joe Dukie"
off his solo album in stores now, chiggety check it out!


ahoy there mateys, big ups to all the lovely people of porirua and palmerston north that came to the show in the weekend. the shows were off the hook! was a messy state of affairs by the end of the night thanks to Alize, :) but no complaints!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Suge Knight Bodied

saw this on Cant bully people all ya life Mr. Knight. SoooWooooop!

Suge was at Shag nightclub when he began arguing with a man he had been talking with. Our spy overheard Suge say, "I want my money!" Suge and his peeps beat the guy to the ground, but the man landed a right hook on Suge's face, knocking him out for around three minutes.

We obtained these photos of a bloody Suge just after the incident.

Suge was taken to the hospital where LAPD officers arrived, but he refused to file a report.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

SAVAGE - SWING REMIX feat. Soulja Boy Tellem

uh oh, im really gonna be fucked up now. i dont know whether to shake that ass and move it like a gypsy, or to superman that hoe and crank that robocop-aquaman-lionking-ryu or whatever the hell it is. But here it is sports fans, the official "Swing remix" featuring C4 Select favourite Souljah Boy Tell em.

CLICK HERE to listen to the shits.