Monday, June 30, 2008

Jodeci Reunion Tour

Just saw this a few minutes ago. I hope to high heavens that it happens. the Jodeci reunion tour is upsized-boss-burger-combo-mean, but Johnny Gill? thats the shieeet! fingers crossed mateys!

Vodka & Apple Juice DOWNLOAD

Golllyyyyy! been so busy lately that i didnt realise i was neglecting my poor blogging baby. there there.

In the weekend the Horsemen Fambam did a teenage fundraiser in Hamilton for local dance crew "Supremecy". They took out a national title and are trying to get Las Vegas to compete in the world champs, and deservedly so because they definitely have the skills to represent NZ. One observation of the night was how good that generation of kids are at dancing. It cracked me up because there was like 800 kids there and all of them were doing the latest video dance, but they were co-ordinated as fduck! a far cry from my socials, where it was either the same ole two step or you were lurking in the corners with your crew. anyways, good luck my dudes!

But what really cracked me up was the second part to the gang docco last Thursday. The youth gangs were comedy gold i tells ya! especially little fella from the crip crew.

Little Fella: We do everything!
Pam: have you guys done murder?
Little Fella: aahh.... hmmm.... uhhhh.... n-nah not yet... b-b-b-but we will!!

hard case. 100 points for you mate. aaaanyways, heres a track that loosely relates to all of this tom foolery. "Vodka & Apple Juice" Its pretty old and was one of the itunes bonus tracks for the Horsemen Family album. Its produced by yours truly and features member of the Supremecy crew, Pania. enjoy you dirty rascals!!

Click here to download

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


salutations sports fans!! if your ever in Manurewa on a Sunday morning and youve skipped your church service then pop on down to the Rewa markets. We got our Horsemen stall up where you can purchase horsemen shirts of all sizes, colours and designs as well as mixtapes and other goodies for sale. bottom of Maich Rd in Manurewa on Sunday mornings. give it a whirl!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweet N Irie - Mama Dont Cry release party

Big ups to Ed and the entire Sweet N Irie crew for the successful release party on Thursday night. Marking the official release of their new single "Mama Dont Cry" which you can get your sticky little mits on right now from the Warehouse, existing music outlets and also online at iTunes and Digirama.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


besides the obvious bullkaka thats been happening in our local news, this week has been a pretty fantabulous week. one of the reasons is that muh dawg keeps doing the freakishly outlandish in the states. Swing got added to radio this week in the states and beat out the new tracks from Rick Ross, Ice Cube and so on for the #1 spot. golllyyyy

jacked from the Dawnraid website:

"Savage continues to gain momentum in the US with "Swing" being the #1 most requested song at radio stations in San Diego, Tulsa, & Salt Lake City! Over 30+ US stations are now spinning "Swing" and it's moving up the charts fast.

This week Savage travels to the West Coast for the second time in 2 weeks and stops at radio stations in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Oakland California!!"

i dont think thats Urban radio either, i think its like the equivalent to the edge and ZM here. so thats some big mainstream crossover shit. proud of you dawg!! DKONZ/HORSEMEN FAMBAM waaaaaaaaaat!

Monday, June 16, 2008

South Aucks Killing Spree = Too Many Liquor Stores

3 murders in ten days they say. i dont think you can put this latest kililng spree, or any of the issues in South Aucks down to one specific thing. Its been pissing down lately so there goes Annette King's Sun and Moon theory. But the most recent blame of choice seems to be the large number of liquor outlets in the area. It seems to be a valid argument, but i still blame that white stuff. The huge amount of liquor stores in the area causes competition between eachother, which in turn causes them to all drop their prices. So not only can you buy your liks almost anywhere out here, but you can get it cheaper out South than anywhere in the country. Aint that a bitch? it reminds me of Lawrence Fishburne's Boyz N The Hood spiel, "Why is there a liquor store on every corner of this neighbourhood, the same reason theres a gun store on every corner of this neighbourhood, why? they want us to kill ourselves, you got out to Beverly Hills you dont see that shit" which is extreme but not that far from the truth. maybe a few years? hurr hurr, its a good start but i still blame that white stuff for the majority of this shit mate.

But this didnt pop up over night. Its a well known fact that peoples around here have been demanding some change for a while. I remember this exact same time last year when that Waina Emery lady organised a youth protest through Rewa for this exact same reason which got hundreds of local youth taking to the streets. I guess it fell on deaf ears. no doubt shell have more of a foundation now to get her point across. The number of liquor stores argument is a good start. but negro plz! that isnt what prompted those kids to snatch that womans purse then run her over. i heard something today that when you wanna blame the parents for misled youth, but find the parents are just as fucked up as the kids, thats when you blame the community? so whos responsible for the community matey?

Aotearoa All Stars part 2 me thinks! except change the hook to "What the hell are you Drinking?" nah mean nah mean?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

DEVOLO in studio recording debut Solo LP

salutations sports fans. the ball just keeps on rolling doesnt it? im excited to inform you that the skinny one in the Deceptikonz is finally recording his solo lp. Production duties will be handled by DJ Montana and is already taking shape quite loverrly. exciting times, exciting times.

Zeitgeist the movie.

is this the most out of shit? i know this is like a year old now but i just got put onto it and after watching it i feel like getting my immortal technique on. i know its been put on the net for free consumption. if you get a chance, give it a whirl.

Monday, June 9, 2008


shiet am i the slowest dude to put this up. check out the new vid from that dude Ethical. yummy yummy.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lil WAYNE - Carter 3

shits fucked up. i dunno if ive been sub consicously brainwashed by Lil Wayne's Carter 3 marketing buzz, or im just feeling the way he sounds so cleverly stupid every time he spits. i dunno, but whatever it is, it got me eagerly waiting for the Carter 3 release. Anticipation i havent had for a release in a while sports fans.

Well its no secret that its unfortunately been leaked to the net by one of his roadies. killed. but it probably explains why i magically found a burnt cd lying on the ground on my way to the work place with "Carter 3" scribbled all over it. kiiiiilled.................... so after listening to the shit all day i gotta say that Carter 3 succeds in every aspect of a dope album. the production is slick and Weezy still sounds like a Gremlin, but shiet, Gizmo never sounded doper. my only low point would probably be the Jay Z collabo "Mr Carter". Its not a wack track, just with these two monsters in the booth it couldve been on some lunatic shit. "Dr Carter" is my shit though.

im going to still purchase this on its release, but its funny. who wouldve thought that one of the Cash Money Billionaires would single handedly keep hip hop afloat and be one of the most lyrically advanced dudes in 2008. BLING BLING!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


damn ive been slippin, i didnt realise i didnt put this up. taken from the the 2006 Australia MTV awards, Sav was nominated for best male hip hop that night but lost out to Snoop Dogg who was in kangaroo land for his tour.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Damn smoke machines!!! if you look through the fog and the hands you can see us on stage. :P big ups to everybody that packed out Coyotes bar in the weekend for our Christchurch leg of the tour. the shit went down a treat it did! next stop is Tauranga.