Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Jake the Muss aint the only lovable chap around here! just coz i aint got shit to blog about heres an exlclusive download! Horsemen Family - "Get Down" off the Alize mixtape and produced by DJ Montana. enjoy you filthy McNasties!!

Click here to download

NEW "PNC - Find Me"

Check out the new track from PNC featuring the all round nice guy John Chong Nee.


Thats right kiddies, May the first is upon us which means we celebrate local music just that wee bit harder. So make an effort to contribute in some way by purchasing, going to a gig, downloading, voting, requesting your fav nz artists. if you dont know any tracks off the top of your head, i heard that "Gotta Go" track off the "White Sunday 2" album is pretty alright. but check out other solid projects released already this year: Flowz, Horsemen Family and Perceive as well Ethical, Smash Proof, David Dalls and others dropping later this year. so on ya bike son!


Horsemen Family and the good peoples at Alize combine powers to bring you this mixtape featuring brand new tracks exclusive to Alize. Purchase 2 bottles of alize from select liquor stores and you get this wee beauty for free......FREE I TELLS YA! i like drinking Alize because the shit makes me feel like im drinking Raro. Next time you see me ill be walking around the club with a 2 litre milk bottle or a big ass plastic jug full of Alize. nah mean nah mean? if your going to get the two bottles, i suggest the wild passion and the gold passion and mixing the two. yummy yummy.

01 - Get You Wasted - Rezoloot feat. Devolo & Savage (Produced by DJ Montana)
02 - All About It - Concrete ( Produced by DJ Montana)
03 - Do Ya Thang - Axeman (Produced by DJ Montana)
04 - Curious - Frum Tha Stablez feat. Lyric (Produced by Mareko)
05 - Get Down - Horsemen Family (Produced by DJ Montana)
06 - My Hood - Kartel (Produced by DJ Blaze)
07 - Turn This Up - Theoklef feat. Mareko (Produced by DJ Montana)
08 - Holiday - Axeman feat. Devolo (Produced by DJ Blaze)
09 - Make It Fizz - Frum Tha Stablez (Produced by DJ Montana)
10 - Throw It Up Part2 - Horsemen Family (Produced by Mareko)

Monday, April 28, 2008


fuck your PS3s, xbox 360s and nintendo wiis! check this out. Hyperfight competition at 220 Bar in Manurewa on Sunday the 11th of May. first prize gets the actual machine which is one of those big 50 inch screen arcade machines that Stages used to stock. i know theres quite a few heads in the hip hop scene that pride themselves on their hyperfight skillz but everyone says that shit. i saw scribe say he was NZs best street fighter player on a c4 interview sometime ago. ask him about the hook up tour challenges, he knows whats up!! YDNA reckons hes the shit with blanka, again.. ask him about me.. he knows whats up! im not saying theyre wack, far from it! but they just aint as good as yours truly. :) :) nah but aside from those two, other heads who are skilled in the way of hyperfight are The Movement reppin the fergusson road shops in Otara. Deach from Smashproof reppin the Fergusson road shops in Otara. Axeman reppin Homai shops in Rewa. Con Psy reppin Hunters Corner in Papatoe. Alphrisk reppin Planet Que in Manurewa. Taaz reppin Wongz in Mangere. Beatrootz repping Welly and Tek and J1 reppin the Onehunga shops in Church street. im going to try my luck at winning that puppy for my room. *Yoga Flame*

SCRIBE on Wyclef - Fast Cars remix

just watching nightline on tv3 last night and saw a segment on fellow NZ artist Scribe recording a verse for Wyclefs - Fast Cars remix while in Kangaroo land for the MTV awards. also on the remix is Lupe Fiasco. Shot. the stars seem to be aligning for our lil ole scene. shotskis!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Stores / Online & Mobile NOW!!!

In Stores now people pick it up from The Warehouse, JB HiFi or any other decent music store... Or you grab it from Vodafone or any of the fine digital retailers below.

Click here to download at Vodafone

Click Here to Download from iTunes

Click Here to Download from digiRAMA

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Game Expands!

First he had us scratching our head with the butterfly tattoo, then he had us scratching our ass with the LA coverup tattoo, now The Games got a red star surrounding the LA tattoo. this guy! he should just say fuck it, go all out and get the ultimate warrior design. thats what i reckon anyways. see?

Friday, April 25, 2008


Alright fuck the bullkaka. The Dawnraid CEOs got me in the studio working on a Saturday and shit (sup Andy!) and after hours of making beats, everything started to sound redundant and the good ole mental block started to build, and mental blocks are one big fat hairy bitch when your trying to be creative. So me and Pauly Smallz (also working on Saturday) took a small break and our bullkaka conversation turned into serious schoolground debating. ie, my brother can beat up your brother to my favourite wrestler can beat up your favourite wrestler to.. well you get the picture. but one we couldnt agree on was John Campbell vs Mark Sainsbury. Pauly reckons hes seen John Campbell in real life and says hes as big as the sky tower. but to me Mark Sainsbury looks like a deadly, thunder clapping, 18 inches of flesh piering tusk having sea Walrus! and we all know not to fuck with a sea walrus! nah mean nah mean? what you reckon? ..... ok back to work.

"SWING" - #70 on BILLBOARD!!

"Further to Savage's storming success on iTunes in the U.S, "Swing" moves from #76 - #70* (with a bullet) on Billboards Top Digital Song Chart this week, scanning a further 17,000 downloads. "Swing" has also crept up the iTunes Hip Hop downloads chart from #15 - #14 this week. Shot Kirk for the news jack!" :) :)

When Alvin and the Chipmunks do their youtube remake of your track, you know your sitting on something good. Check out that and a couple of other youtube vids those crazy yanks have put up using "Swing". My personal fav is the fat guy with no shirt on shaking that ass and moving it like a gypsy!


Hold on to your bucket of KFC sports fans, coz the Horsemen Family are coming to a drinking hole near you. With the realese of White Sunday2 in 2 days (April 28) and Horsemen Family still in the charts with Feels Like Magic, we will be killing two crackheads with one Rehab class and touring them both. thats like upsizing an upsized combo i tells ya! check the poster for the cities and dates!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ANZAC Update

Today we mourn those fallen souljahs that gave their life for the freedom we have today... The we gots to go to work. Busy busy times this week with a lot of promo for the album "White Sunday 2: The Book Of Mark" instores & online monday so copppp that!!!
Been busy banging out beatz in the studio with Montana and working on new joints with the US man of the moment Savage...

Shouts to Mouli, Sunstance & Penfold for Trueskool lastnight.. Hopefully we'll get that audio up soon aye guys!?? It just so happened that C-Netik & RES were at bFM too sheeesh we gotta stop bumpin into eachotherz like that.. But we'll be taking a break from the busy schedule and be up at 4:20 tonight to check them out live... and have a drink or 2.. CHING! CHING!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live At The Apollo - Mixtape Download

"Aight so check it out dawg" ......... (in american idol judge, Randy Jackson voice)

....... The response to the "Live At The Apollo" mixtape so far has been O for awesome and big ups to everybody that i met whilst i was beating the pavement giving these babies out!! Shot. if you were lucky enough to get your sweaty little mits on the actual cd. Sweet!! if not, heres the link to the full download. ENJOY!!

Click to download


Ahoy there mateys!!! check out the truschool hip hop show tonight on bfm from 9 - 11. ill be popping up to chat to all round loveable chap, DJ Mouli. or stream live from . nah mean, nah mean?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Check it out. some exclusive shit that only Late Night Hype can provide. R.E.S performing "Hush" live, and yours truly spitting some lyrical lyrics. Props to Sirvere for the link. CHING CHING!

Click here to download

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beatrootz - Othaside

These guys! Check out the new vid from the Beatrootz crew. Thats why i like these guys, they took the DIY approach and filmed/edited it theirselves. They even snuck into a flash hotel and filmed as much scenes as they could before they got kicked out. Top notch stuff guys! now just up your hyperfight skills!! *yoga flame*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cookin With Coolio

Ever wonder what happened to your favourite paper ball playing, fantastic voyagin, gangsta paradise livin, gangsta rapper? well hes been busy in the kitchen getting his Chef Ramsay on with an online cooking show called, "Cookin With Coolio". This has got to be some of the funniest shit ive seen in a while. I was fortunate enough to support Coolio when he came out to NZ on his Gangstas Paradise tour and Coolio definitely lived up to his namesake. So Cool was
the West Coast rapper, that on the Christchurch leg of the tour he invited the whole touring entourage of about 20 to his hotel room and cooked a damn satisfying dinner! and im not talking about frying mince, a can of tomatoes and boiling some pasta. quite the opposite sport fans, im talking some exotic, gormet, whipped potato with pine nuts type shit. Coolio definitely skilled in Culinary Arts.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


hey sports fans, check out the new vid for muh first single off White Sunday 2. Track name is "Gotta Go" and the production is handled by Heatchild and yours truly! Shot by my man Ivan Slavov for ifconz. yummy yummy. enjoy!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gig @ Chillis Bar - Manukau

sup beebles!! if your in Aucks this Friday come check out the Horsemen Fam Bam at Chillis Bar, Manukau (Opposite Rainbows End) for a good fun time! Spot Prizes, Mixtape Giveaways, Drinking Games, all that! so bring a bib, and come support the brothas! CHING CHING!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

GIRLS download

ok, the mixtape has finally landed hot from the pressers, ready for you to upload to limewire! :) :) so before i take to the streets and hand these puppies out and put a link up for an entire mixtape download, ill just upload this final freestyle/track to tie you over til then. its called "Girls" and uses the "Tom Brock - There is Nothing In This World" record as used by some rapper called Jay Z. I think hes from the states...... anyways, ENJOY!!

Click here to download

*EDIT: link fixed.


when i first heard his myspace page was #24 on myspaces top hip hop artists chart, beating out acts like DMX, Lil Kim, Ice Cube, Wu Tang and Warren G i was like "Aaaaye?!!" thats the shit, but i didnt realise how big his buzz was gonna get. Tuesday last week, i walked in to the studio and everybody up there was buzzing for some reason, turns out they just found out Savage was #173 on the American .... yes the American itunes hip hop chart for "Swing". With no American promotion or label or anything! ..... nothing! But wait theres more! by the next day, it had jumped more than a hundred spots into the top 100 at #77!! "Aaaaayyyyeee???!?!" but hold on sports fans, thats not even the best part, coz right now as i type this, its currently sitting at #16, AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?! and even THATS not the best part!! yeah the ranking is all good, but its the opportunities that may come from this little blessing that is the exciting thing. and you can bet those opportunities will be big .... BIG I TELLS YA!! shot ya big dummy!!