Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i gave the dude three topics down 2 bebo hearts for his showing his appreciation for the crew, but i think im gonna have to give Twice as Nice beatmakers an email with a virus for this. props mates!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MIT Open Day FREE Concert

howdy pardnas. if you guys arent up to much this Saturday mornining come check us out at the various MIT campuses for a free concert. should be a doozy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Savage - Wild Out Video

Check out the new vid by Sav. Directed by Christopher Graham and featuring Baby Bash and Samoan Hyphy rapper Angel Dust. Did anyone else think Baby Bash did the hook and 2nd verse? golllly.


holy hell, im still in the Christmas spirit my digital gangsters ! some more free shit. first is a segment from the finished Live At The Apollo 2 mixtape featuring myself and Big Tyna. Im gonna upload random tracks off the mixtape here but ill be selling them at the Horsemen stall at the Rewa markets or where ever for this one, because fuck upping the whole mixtape for free download on the net for some free publicity. I worked hard on this one and brothers got bills! plus i think people actually make an effort to listen to music if its purchased rather than getting it for free amongst all their other digital piracy. so enjoy mates!

click HERE to download.

and heres some more free shit off the new Horsemen / Alize mixtape vol 2 exclusive to select liquor outlets around the country. buy 2 alize bottles and get this puppy free. these are tracks showcasing the young lads of the Horsemen Crew. shot alize!
if you like free shit, give it a whirl. enjoy.

by the group Concrete features my self and is produced by myself. nah mean nah mean?

click HERE for download

"ICON" by Lil Mark from Frum Tha Stablez featuring myself and produced by DJ Montana.

click HERE for download.

Monday, January 19, 2009

This guy!

two bebo hearts for the man!


Top o' the morning to you my lovelies! yeah i know its been forever buy i just woke up from my new years hang over! (see picture above) anyways, big ups to everybody that came down to the various gigs over the last couple of weeks, New Years and Christmas @ Zen Bar & the people that caught us at the big day out as well as all our other shannannegans, Choice! but as usual its same shit, different toilet bowl round here people, busy busy busy next couple of weeks so keep an eye and ear to the street for the latest.