Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taaz - Scrolls of War

Taaz. you either love him or hate him, i cant figure out which one i pick yet. :D :D jokes mate! But the mans always on the grind, respect him for that. check out this vid, i got no audio up here at work at the mo, so i dont know what the hell is going on with that side. lol but check out muh bro Ben laying the smack down for the Mangere East hawks. woo. shot taaz you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

2:3 odds

Just got told that Devolo and myself have just been nominated for Best Male at this years Pacific Music Awards. choo hoooo. Now Dkonz have had a bad run when it comes to these prestigous cerimonies, Sav changed all that last year with our first award with his International Achievement Tui. Lets hope this streak spills over to this year. My gambling side tells me the odds are stacked in our favour but history tells me otherwise. hurr hurr. regardless, a good night shall be had by all.

other relative categories.

NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist
Devolo - “Heaven & Hell”
Mareko - “White Sunday 2: The Book of Mark”
Vince Harder - “Strobelight”

Niu FM Best Pacific Urban Artist
Devolo - “Heaven & Hell’
Ladi 6 - “Time is Not Much”
Nesian Mystik - “Elevator Musiq”

Radio 531PI Best Pacific Group
Cydel - “There”s A Place”
Horsemen Family - “My Shout’
Nesian Mystik - “Elevator Musiq’


Roll down to 420 on May 8th and catch Devolo, Ethical and Lil Mark performing live.

DKONZ in Melbourne

woke up this morning and just remembered i had a blog! Dkonz playing in Melbourne this Saturday at Queensbridge Hotel dunn!! should be a box of birds.