Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gig at mystique

if you got any cousins in Brisbane. tell them to come down to Mystique bar in the city. check out my dance routine.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back in this bitch like an unborn baaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyy

three days ago i recently got put on to the awesome site that is . shout out to whoever runs that machine. Well done! (i got these cheese burgers) anyhoo, after browsing through the site i disgustingly remembered i had my own blog that i used to care for. fancy that shit.

It seems fitting i smack the dust off this bitch and get my blog stats back up as there is a heap of shit happening right now with the label, the crew and my solo stuff.

so let me shine some light on the situation. On the crew front, Deceptikonz just finished recording, which looks like to be our last studio album together two weeks ago. We all agree that at this PRESENT time its time to focus 100% on our solo shit. but who knows shit changes. The working title we got so far is "Evolution" self explanatory aye? Shout out to super producers Twice as Nice for working with us on it. On the label front, The latest release from the Dawn Raid camp will be "Brotha D & the Dawn Raid Family - Vol.2" which is dropping end of this week. On the solo front im still the best to ever do it! haha

anyways check out this Deceptikonz track from the Brotha D & Dawn Raid family album. ill probably get a long email from the label for leaking this ......... but ahwell!! lol if you like the sound of this then youll love the new Dkonz album.

emjoy you digital gangsters!

*edit* upped the wrong song, ok try this one

click HERE to download it.