Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hip Hop Guard

Saw this on nahright a couple sleeps ago. I wasnt gonna touch on it but im curious as to what you filthy mc nasties think. At first you cant help but stand back and look at it as another respected rapper just mad at the current state of the scene but the man brings up some interesting points. Obviously there is a top tier of Exec/MCs in the game that have more pull (or push) in certain circles. Shiet i know you raised your monobrow at the whole Hip-Hop-Is-Dead-and-President-Jiggas-Kingdom-Come release situation.

Would Puffy sign another fat-black-ugly-as-ever rapper? probably not. The music biz is too American Idoled for that. Someone take a risk mates! But you gotta respect young ass Souljah Boy for saying fuck the guard and doing it himself to the point hes got a yellow lambourghinni on his new clip. i dont care if its rented, that young dude definitely has enough to buy one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

C4 Codes for the brothers.

Salutations peoples. heres a few more brothers to support on the Select Live front.

Vote daily for ya boy Devolo by texting s131 to 4440

TEXT s138 to 4440 to vote for Sweet & Irie "My Girl"

now GET!

Monday, August 25, 2008

funny shit.

ooh damn this was the funniest shit. Just found this floating around on the net. Any one who went to the K-Ci and Jojo concert a few years back wouldve been treated to an interesting performance by the brothers. Now as a performer it is acceptable to have a beer or two before you take the stage to calm your nerves. Done it heaps of times. But you gotta be careful not to step over that fine line with your pre performance drinks to the point your forgetting your words or drying your throat up. done that too. But these dudes Auckland performance took the cake, Jojo had one too many long island ice teas and straight up passed out on stage! K-Ci the consumate professional holding it down. party like a rockstar but give the fans their moneys worth mate.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Record Of The Year Tour!!

Check it out holmes! the record of the year tour coming down capital ways tomorrow and Saturday! Dont believe me? just look at the flyer ya big dummy! should be a doozy, Cruz bar always shows love and im sure Hutt Bar will be just as awesome. Big ups to the uso Flowz for being the gracious host that he is. so if your not doing anything on those dates then ill see you there! and even if you ARE doing something on those nights, ill see you there!

check the flyer for details mates.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Horsemen Family peoples choice awards.

Ahoy there mateys! its music awards time again and C4 go the prestigous peoples choice award up for grabs! all you guys need to do is Text "c4 horsemen family" to 787 and vote Horsemen Family for VODAFONE's Peoples Choice Award! One free txt everday, and 20c for every text after that.

check out for more info. now scram mates!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


fresh out the protools oven my good friends! heres another rough track from Devolos forthcoming album "Heaven & Hell" this hearty serving is called "Get Em" and is produced by yours truly! nah mean nah mean? its on some nightmare on elm street shit but innocent enough to bump on your way to church! give it a whirl mates!

Heaven & Hell instores & online September!!

Click to Listen to "Devolo - Get'Em"

Devolo - Get Em.mp3">

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DEVOLO - Somebody video

well well mateys, heres the video for the first single, "Somebody" from his forthcoming solo debut "Heaven & Hell". Shot at the almost defunct Asta bar (old bass bar *pours out a little liquor*) by sensei Ivan Slavov. lets do it yeah yeah!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Afternoon sportsfans! Check out a new track from Live At The Apollo 2. Its called "Pork Buns (coconut deriere)" and features my man Sanjesh. Basically I had a few spare moments between adding the finishing touches on volos album and doing the tail end of the White Sunday 2 promo. Ive had enough time to put together the second installment to my "Live At The Apollo" series. Its near completion and should be ready for your consumption in a couple of weeks. For those not in the know, the theme of Live At the Apollo is just myself and a couple of choice friends spitting over dry, or semi dry original samples of popular hip hop tracks. Click here to download the first volume.

So check it out mates, some exclusive shit from the second volume sees moi freaking Hossam Ramzy's "Khusara Khusara" track as made popular by Jay Z for "Big Pimping" stay posted for more shit. CHING CHING!


Just got this article via email from the big homie in NY. The momentum is still rolling for the freak hit Swing! and as i type it has just entered the Billboard top 1000 at 91 among others!! thats an awesome achievement for all of us. also props to YDNA for the collar popping! i like yeeew. :D go hard boys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

BEATKAMP - Rap Game vid

Beatkamp - Rap Game Filmclip from Deep Creative on Vimeo.

Check it out holmes! Capitalising on the freak success off his production on Swing! Supertalented producer A.T.P (formerly Adeeez) and a group of all round nice guys get their collabo on for one of the most impressive videos ive seen for a while mate. featuring Sav, MZRE, PNC, Xy, and OP. on some Alphabet Soup shit!! che-ch-check it out!! HORSEMEN FAM WWAAAT!!

R.I.P Bernie Mac

Wow, read this on teletext in the weekend. :) The great Bernie Mac passed on. Now i read a few weeks earlier there were rumours that Bernie Mac had passed and people in his camp were saying the man was in hospital with pneumonia but still able bodied. dude was legendary in his field. add that with Isaac Hayes passing and kiwi born U.S volleyball coach and you have an allround blue state of affairs.

DMCs NZ 2008.

Big ups to my man DJ Impact for taking out the 2008 DMCs on Saturday night at a packed out Zen! damn the Waikato doing well in everything aye? hurr hurr. never the less it was an awesome display of skills and Impact definitely deserved that monster of a prize pack, including that trip to London to compete in the international comp. funny seeing djs messily chucking vinyl and shit everywhere again as oposed to having an open laptop next to their turnies. thats a sight i havent seen for a while. aaaaaahh.

the results were as follows: 1st - DJ Impact. 2nd DJ DForm. & 3rd DJ Spell.
but dont take my word for it.... check out the picture above mate!! :D :D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sweet & Irie - My Girl video

The ball just keeps on rollin round here my good friends! Check out the new single/video, "My Girl" from Sweet & Irie off their forthcoming album. Always a pleasure working with these guys!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


had to start the week off with a bang! so here you go sports fans, a track from Devolos forthcoming debut solo LP "Heaven & Hell" i found floating around on the net. I think its been leaked from the dawn raid studio engineer........ anyways! the track is rough and is fresh outta the pro tools session, so its yet to be mixed and mastered but its still decent enough to listen to, so go on and give it a whirl!

The track is called "What We Do" and is produced by yours truly! working on this album has been refreshing and satisfying, partly due to the fact that its finally cool to see my mans get his just due on the solo tip. "Heaven & Hell" instores and online in September. nah mean nah mean?

Click here to download!