Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hegz VS Alpha Battle

The bro Hegz from Vomitous Talk crew spazzing out.

Fu Gee La

aaaawww makes ya heart melt!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monsta Ganjah - Wesperados Trailer

Sup G. Check out the second video and first official single from MONSTA's debut album. Again directed and shot by Askewone. Track produced by Twice As Nice. Featuring Yukmouth & Ganxsta Ridd of Boo Yaa Tribe.

I remember me and Devolo did a tour of the North Island with Ganxta Ridd & Monsta Ganjah circa 2007. Anyhoo, I was sitting in the back seat of the Terago with Ganxta Ridd when Brotha D stars playing "Dont Front On Me" .. which has a line of mine that goes .... "I roll with a tribe bigger than Boo Yaa" ... i look at Ridd and i says to the chap .... "Soooo aaaah how bout those All Blacks?" *story end*

Savage @ Shooters Gold Coast

Ahoy there!! Last Sunday Gold Coast saw Savage, Frisko, Monsta Ganjah and DJ Tikelz hit Shooters Bar. Twas a fruitful event, shout outs to the homie DJ Dezaster! geeeeeeewd! peep the flicks!

Horsemen Family / Alize Mixtape Vol. 3

Horsemen Family team up again with alcohol giant Alize for the third mixtape to be produced from the partnership. Click here for info on how to grab one. Peep below for a preview.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dkonz & Nesian on Tagata Pasifika

Got Dayum! wotta weekend! Its Tuesday night and i just woke up! Shout outs to everybody in Paramatta that came to DJ Sirveres Major Flavours 5 tour at the Collectors Hotel on Fri & Sat and to everybody that came to the Savage show at Shooters Bar on the Gold Coast on Sunday. Awesome... anyhoo.

Found this lil vid in my email. Tagata Pasifika covering the Dkonz and Nesian splits. Quote of the clip goes to Devolo "If youre not willing to ride the wave of change, youre gonna find yourself beneath it!" auuuuuuuuu. malo malo!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Diggin In The Tapes!

Salutations! Just got a mean link from the brother DJ Sirvere to this awesome youtube channel. How mean is it to see some history right here (shout out to baby Dei Hamo). I remember going to these free concerts at the back of Manukau City, before it moved to Hayman Park, and seeing Pacifikan Decendants (notably Johnny Sagala) tear the stage down, Mike Haru spinning and a gangster ass OMC (including Ermehn) coming out and inciting a riot. aaaaaaah dems the days!

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Fundamentalz - Just Listen EP" Download

Ahoy there! Click here to download the new Fundamentalz ten track ep. produced entirely by GET!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Fundamentalz - Do It For" feat. Mareko & DJ CXL download

Gday mates! Fundamentalz upcoming ep "Just Listen" has been recently completed and will be up for free consumption within the next week or so, AND its produced entirely by Taku. I jumped on this track with the bros which also features CXL on the cut. Peep the soundcloud link for the download. enjoy you filthy mc nasties!

FUNDAMENTALZ - I DO THIS FOR feat MAREKO & DJ CXL by marekothehorse isten

Thursday, August 5, 2010

DKONZ Bootlegs & Bsides #7: "Concrete - Solid"

Some more free shit for you digital gangstas! This track was off the Horsemen family & Alize 2 mixtape dropped in 2008. Its actually not a Dkonz track, its by up & coming crew Concrete but is produced by yours truly and features yours truly on the hook. Im mixing Concretes street album at the moment so keep an ear to the ground like Holyfield for them. Peep the soundcloud link to download.

Concrete - Solid by marekothehorse

Melbourne Show

Salutations! Me and Sav got a gig on September 3rd in the city of churches. Peep the flyer for details (photo shop skills no gooooooooood! lol). if you got family in Melbourne, give me the names and ill put it on the doorlist....... now GET!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Savage Island Australia Tour!!

Ahoy there! Savage Island is being released through Universal Australia and in conjunction to this is the national tour. Peep the flyer for the dates! Also on tour is Frisko and Monsta Ganjah. Ill be joining them on the Queensland tour, where ill bring you videos of me taking all that Savage Island money in the hotel poker game!! stay tuned!!


Hey gday mates! Me and Sirvere did the second leg of the Major Favours tour in Taree and Sydney, funny thing is Sirvere couldnt make it out of NZ to Taree coz the airport closed due to fog. lucky im a versatile mo fuka!! i showed them my tap dance routine and told a few jokes. had them in stitches!! ill be doing the fourth leg in Paramatta in two weeks. ill show them the real Paramatta Eel! .... now GET!!