Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TXT s175 to 4440 on C4 Select Live for Record Of The Year!!

well... what you waiting for? :) :)


daam, been a good 14 days since my last blog post! gollyyyy. been a busy bee hybernating in the studio finishing volos album and its finally been sent for mixing and mastering mateys! we grrrrinding and thats another in the can! aside from that alot of going ons have also been happening in the horsemen stable. Savage and Alphrisk have left to the states to continue promoting the sleeping giant that is Swing! They are filming the American video for Swing! this week with Souljah Boy so keep both eyes peeled for that. I think after filming the video with some of the extras they got lined up, Sav might have to make a remix called "Boing!" :) And were still at the Manrewa markets every Sunday morning selling that Horsemen merchandise.

but check out this lovely new track from up and coming female rapper, Riskay. its definitely on some next shit mates!! CHING CHING

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DEVOLO - "Heaven & Hell"

Top of the morning to ya! So Devolos been putting in the hard yards for his debut album over the last couple of nights and with the few finishing touches on the recording side of things, its shaping up to be a top quality product mateys. and the dude deserves quality after waiting in line to go at it alone 6 years and 7 Deceptikonz LPs later. golllyll. Aptly titled "Heaven & Hell" it definitely lives the ying & yang feel the title suggests with the single shit and some of the bestestest hard shit ive heard in a while. especially for you message board heads :D :D. check him out at www.myspce.com/devolodkonz

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Woddup my digital gangsters! heres the second video from "White Sunday 2 - The Book of Mark". Initially we had another track in mind for the follow up to "Gotta Go" but the response to "Record Of The Year" was huge every time i performed it on tour, it was a no brainer to put it out there. Big ups to Ivan Slavov, the good people at ifconz productions and everybody involved for the swell time! take a gander! CHING CHING!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Ahoy there mateys. The new Back2Basics mag is instores now and has an awesome write up on the beginnning stages of Savs new careeer Stateside. Plus ya boys got a write up so its a grand Dkonz affair this issue! nah mean nah mean?

SCRIBE - Baby Girl Vid

Golllly! This morning was stupidly cold. I parked up at Manukau Westfield, hopped out the car and slipped on my deriere from the ice on the damn ground. lucky im too gangsta to care. *cough cough* anyways, heres a nice video to escape this gay ass weather.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tourettes Interview

saw this on www.hiphopnz.com . check it out. a good little slice of that non conformist dude, Tourettes.

Killer Mike ft. Ice Cube - Pressure

These two always got something real to say. So both of them on one track is bound to incite something.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Record Of The Year video shoot

Ahoy there mateys! just finished shooting the video for the second single off "White Sunday 2: The Book Of Mark". Record Of The Year, directed by Ivan Slavov for ifconz. keep your eyes peeled for it! ching ching!!