Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ahoy there mateys! heres some free music for you to bump to over the weekend. From the Alize Mixtape vol.2 which should be in aaaaaall good liquor outlets near you. If its not in your local store, then tell your liquor store to step their booze game up......... anyways.

Frist track is "Brown Suga (Why Is That remix)" by Rezoloot out of the Frum Tha Stablez camp and features yours truly! also produced by yours truly aswell.... golly!

click HERE to download.

Second track is "Intergalactic" by Lil Mark out of the Frum Tha Stablez crew. featuring Volo on the hook getting his Nate Dogg on. produced by Dj Montana. enjoy you digital gangsters.

Click HERE to download

see you guys at Rainbows End tomorrow. nah mean?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fight Night 4

Bula Bula. now im not really a gaming type of dude, but i definitely fucks with the Fight Night franchise (Round 3 has helped me pay the rent on numerous occasions) *blows on fingers and wipes across chest* and i just saw the trailer to Round 4 on the net. i dont know when its schedule for release (December 09?) but good gollly miss molly it looks mean! Tyson gooooooooooooood.

Smashproof #1

Congrats to the bros and peoples at MTC for the spot. local Hip Hop still able to top the charts. (does P Moneys - Everything count?) theres still hoooooooppppe! :) also the bro Sav at #8 with "Wild Out" and the Nesian boys at #9 with "Mista Mista". CHOO HOOOOOOOO!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mutts 1st place.

Speaking of D dot Dallas. i gotta say congrats to my man Mutts for taking out the 10th season of Bad Beat Pub Poker circuit. the man was heads up with Dee and took it out using position to his advantage. All in gooooooooood.

check this shit out ........ gooooooooooolllllllly (thats pocket Queens btw)

David Dallas - Induldge Me feat. Devolo

check out the new vid from the bro David Dallas AKA MC Keanu Reaves. featuring Volo and produced by Fire & Ice. nah mean nah mean?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

50 Cents Rick Ross vids.

i didnt even know about this feud til one of the boys put me on a couple days ago. how dare i! but how are you going to be completely, so blatantly, undeniably, 150% fake (a-la rick ross) and go against the the king of beef? how dare he! the audacity of this character! is this guy really believing his lyrics? lol. 50 cents career is based on beef! dude single handedly deaded a whole record label when they were at their prime. HOW DARE HE!!

but fuck all that mates, thats not the reason of this post, i just wanted to post 50s latest video because its so damn funny to me! 50s a sick individual, gotta give it up to him. that Chris Brown - Rihanna segment is gold....... gold i tells ya! Keep filming!!

Savage on Cambell Live.

From Tv3 Website.

The past year has been a good one for kiwi hip-hop. Record label Dawn Raid has lived to see another day and leading the charge has been Savage, with the highest selling New Zealand single in US history.

Savage's new album "Savage Island" is being released this week, so life is good. However it was not always that way and he thanks his old school Wesley College for keeping him on the straight and narrow.

Savage returned to his old school today and the new guard at Wesley College were pretty stoked to have a famous old boy pay them a visit.

But he could not have been too much of a bad boy, even his old teachers were pleased to see him.

Savage had his sixth form year there as a fulltime boarder and he believes the college changed his life.

As a 17-year-old, Savage was living on streets and part of the South Auckland street gang culture. His family gave him an ultimatum - go to Wesley, or they would cut their ties.

"It was the darkest point in my life, most vulnerable I have ever been," Savage says. "I had to not show my fear to anybody."

Savage showed signs of his career to come early on. He rapped for the singing competition that year - although did not win.

Savage has since sold 1.5 million copies of his hit record "Swing" in the US, so losing his school singing competition probably does not bother him a great deal.

Swing is the highest selling New Zealand single in US history and it changed everything for not only Savage, but for his record label Dawn Raid.

The label went under before new investors breathed some life back into kiwi hip-hop.

"The success in America with savage absolutely confirmed we know how to make hits," Dawn Raid's Andy Murhane says. "If anyone saved us it was John Barnett and Michael Stiasni. They enabled us to stay alive and believed in us. Their funding helped us out with Savage project as well."

That project saw Savage re-locating to the US to press the flesh, maximising the Swing success.

In America, Savage released his new single 'Wild Out' and shot the music video on the beach in Los Angeles with kiwi director Chris Graham.

A far cry from his troubled youth, Savage says he is now doing the best he can to make his people proud.

click HERE to watch the full video. dam those Wesley dorms look like prison cells. gooooooood.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Savage on Campbell Live Tonight!!

hey beebles. be sure check out muh dude Sav on Campbell Live tonight on channel 3 at 7pm. its an indepth story on the dude and they go back to Wesley College (his high school) and all that other stuff. so check it out, never mind Shortland street. Maya gets caught from Tracey and Morgan gives birth to 3 squids.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Devolo giving back!

Speaking of Volo, earlier this year Devolo and some other Tongan artists from here went back to their homeland and gave back to the people. DJ Willie runs this and has been doing this for a while. They hold fundraising gigs here in Auckland and whatever they make they buy basic supplies like flour, sugar, soap, detergent among other stuff and take it over handing out parcels door to door aswell as holding free community gigs. shot dudes!

although i gotta say my dude, that little pause in your interview seemed 2 hours long! lol. edit no goooood! malie malie.

shot siana.

Pussy Cat Dolls feat. Devolo

This guy! how dare he! Peep the Bottles Pop remix featuring Mr Not Too Shy Anymore, Devolo. the original had Snoop and Kardinal Offishal on the track, But Volo got the green light. If he performs this track with them when they play here in May then i bags being side of stage! :D :D RaaaaaOW

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Louie Knuxx - Worth My While

o-oh-oh my god. new track produced by Saia. nah mean?