Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feels Like Magic Top Ten!!

dayum!! we got a top ten ya big dummies!! big ups to the boys and everybody that put us in the top ten on our 6th week!! im so broooud!!! this is the shit to me not coz this album was our little personal project, but because it got there on the fact of being good music and the peoples were feeling it. hardly any promotion for the record, no big budget, kept on getting video funding denied so we had to fund ourselves, certain radio stations werent adding it and the list goes on and on and on like that chubby dogs toilet paper. excuse a brova for ranting but i feel like this is a big ahievement, not only for local hip hop coz i cant remember the last time a top ten charted, but also for those horsie fullas on the album. shot ya big dummies! like i said before.. im so broooud. :) ill drink to that! CHING CHING!


Avina said...

Big ups on that brah... tis about time someone cracked that top ten in nz and i'm glad that it's the horsey bunch!!! Ya'll deserve to be up there after puttin' in work! TO THE TOP MAYN!!!

David said...

Mean. Da hooooorse man dey wanna break it dowwwwn.