Monday, March 9, 2009

Kase - The Archives Vol 1.


Check out some of the awesome body of work from super producer Kase (no more DJ). And he reckons vol 2 is dropping some time this week........ what a guy!

01 Wreck Centre Featuring USOuljah, Tic, Temple Jones, Moz & Tommy Grafiti
02 The Deal Featuring Tyson Tyler
03 Life's A Bitch Featuring Louie Knuxx
04 Dont Stop Featuring Karizma
05 Lonely Road Featuring Tommy Grafiti & Tic
06 Kase Closed Featuring Tyna & JB
07 Solitary Motion Featuring Tommy Grafiti
08 Drip Featuring Cancer & Milan Borich of Pluto
09 Growing Pains Featuring Hamofide
10 It's That Heat Featuring Temple Jones
11 Wack Rappers Featuring Jay Roacher, Karizma & Pakkz Wun
12 Breathe With Me - Frontline (Kase Remix)

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1 comment:

Casey Rarere said...

shot Mark! just seen that you put this up cuzzy, nice one. Dj aint in the name but it's still in the hands :P

too much bolts.