Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monsta Ganjah - Wesperados Trailer

Sup G. Check out the second video and first official single from MONSTA's debut album. Again directed and shot by Askewone. Track produced by Twice As Nice. Featuring Yukmouth & Ganxsta Ridd of Boo Yaa Tribe.

I remember me and Devolo did a tour of the North Island with Ganxta Ridd & Monsta Ganjah circa 2007. Anyhoo, I was sitting in the back seat of the Terago with Ganxta Ridd when Brotha D stars playing "Dont Front On Me" .. which has a line of mine that goes .... "I roll with a tribe bigger than Boo Yaa" ... i look at Ridd and i says to the chap .... "Soooo aaaah how bout those All Blacks?" *story end*

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Askew One said...

I was just thinking about that line the other day and how they would've taken that! crack up!