Tuesday, July 29, 2008


daam, been a good 14 days since my last blog post! gollyyyy. been a busy bee hybernating in the studio finishing volos album and its finally been sent for mixing and mastering mateys! we grrrrinding and thats another in the can! aside from that alot of going ons have also been happening in the horsemen stable. Savage and Alphrisk have left to the states to continue promoting the sleeping giant that is Swing! They are filming the American video for Swing! this week with Souljah Boy so keep both eyes peeled for that. I think after filming the video with some of the extras they got lined up, Sav might have to make a remix called "Boing!" :) And were still at the Manrewa markets every Sunday morning selling that Horsemen merchandise.

but check out this lovely new track from up and coming female rapper, Riskay. its definitely on some next shit mates!! CHING CHING

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DeapOne said...

DAM HOES!!! Always wanna smell a niggas dick.