Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DEVOLO - "Heaven & Hell"

Top of the morning to ya! So Devolos been putting in the hard yards for his debut album over the last couple of nights and with the few finishing touches on the recording side of things, its shaping up to be a top quality product mateys. and the dude deserves quality after waiting in line to go at it alone 6 years and 7 Deceptikonz LPs later. golllyll. Aptly titled "Heaven & Hell" it definitely lives the ying & yang feel the title suggests with the single shit and some of the bestestest hard shit ive heard in a while. especially for you message board heads :D :D. check him out at

1 comment:

Silver said...

this has got 'single' written all over it. i can imagine it going off at the commercial hotel hard. shot devolo.