Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cop Shooting in Mangere

wasnt there a number of shootings and a homicide case just a week ago? This shooting shit is becoming an ugly trend. Like the people round these ways arent already on edge enough, now we most likely have to live with the boys in blue patrolling the beat strapped with guns. But how Training Dayish does the shit look? corrupt or stupidly thought out plan.

A plainclothes police officer was disturbed putting a tracking device on a vehicle early this morning, chased in a car and then shot dead.

The officer's colleague was also shot and is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The two officers were attempting to put the tracking device on a car at a house in Mangere, Auckland at about 1.45am when they were seen.

The officers were disturbed while they tried to put a tracking device on a car. The officers ran from the house, which is suspected of being connected to a P or methamphetamine lab, and were chased in a car about 75m up Hain Ave to Earlsworth Rd where they were shot.

Resident Sam Aiono said he woke to gunshots and saw a dead police officer lying in his driveway.

He said police officers were already on the scene by the time he looked outside.

One policeman died immediately from a single gun shot and the other was wounded and is being treated in Middlemore Hospital. He will undergo surgery today but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

AdvertisementPolice are interviewing two men about the shooting and it is not clear if others are being sought.

Details of the dead policeman, the 28th to die on duty since 1890, have yet to be released.

Superintendent Ted Cox said two children, one aged 15 and the other an 11-month old baby, were left in the house.

He said: "The installation of the device was authorised under warrant from the district court.

"These officers were disturbed by occupants of the house who pursued them while armed, got into a vehicle and chased them down the road.

"As they fled from the address to some 75 metres away where both the officers were shot.

"One unfortunately died immediately from a single gunshot wound. The other is in hospital and will undergo an operation later today. Thankfully, his injuries were not life threatening."

Mr Cox said that before the shooting there was nothing in the "risk assessment" of the property to indicate the "people we were targeting or the address indicated a heightened concern".

He said the armed officers squad was not used during the early stages but armed police were nearby to help if needed. "These offences unfolded very, very quickly and they were unable to respond to save their colleagues."

Mr Cox said losing a staff member in these circumstances is his worst nightmare come true.

"It's an absolute tragedy to lose an officer and have another so seriously threatened in this way," he said.

"Two people came out from the Hain Ave address, got into a vehicle and pursued the officers who were on foot.

"As this was a covert operation we don't know yet whether they identified themselves as police officers, but I can't think of any reason to pursue and shoot anybody in this manner."

The Armed Offenders Squad is now at the scene, which has been cordoned off.

Both officers were part of the Auckland Metro Crime and Operations Service (AMCOS), a region-wide service that incorporates a number of specialist police units and which is based in Otahuhu.

Several vehicles are being sought in relation to the incident.


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