Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Savage Swing

check it out NEW Swing video! directed by Mr Fly Kai (Moonshine)
give it a whirl mates!


markwippy said...

i like the original video better. the bit at the end was a nice touch though.

Remedy said...

2nd that, the original was way better. Looked like a b grade music vid. Props to Sav all the same.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

haha i thought it was better in regards to the bitches
but i reckon those bitches in the jeans shudve been wearin apparel leggings...wldve given their swing/booty moves more justice...
however,i did like marekos ghd hair moment along wit the pink polo
in da original...dam,next-time ay!
but on a serious note, big ups man
so cool to see a nice as brother
doing so well, esp seeing a USO
doing it like that up there...
NEXT TO BLOW! i seen that!