Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Devolo giving back!

Speaking of Volo, earlier this year Devolo and some other Tongan artists from here went back to their homeland and gave back to the people. DJ Willie runs this and has been doing this for a while. They hold fundraising gigs here in Auckland and whatever they make they buy basic supplies like flour, sugar, soap, detergent among other stuff and take it over handing out parcels door to door aswell as holding free community gigs. shot dudes!

although i gotta say my dude, that little pause in your interview seemed 2 hours long! lol. edit no goooood! malie malie.

shot siana.

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Ruinz said...

Bro that pause is crack up cuz.. I cant help stop pissing myself.. But on a serious note brada's. Too much for the kai. FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC..