Tuesday, February 17, 2009

50 Cents Rick Ross vids.

i didnt even know about this feud til one of the boys put me on a couple days ago. how dare i! but how are you going to be completely, so blatantly, undeniably, 150% fake (a-la rick ross) and go against the the king of beef? how dare he! the audacity of this character! is this guy really believing his lyrics? lol. 50 cents career is based on beef! dude single handedly deaded a whole record label when they were at their prime. HOW DARE HE!!

but fuck all that mates, thats not the reason of this post, i just wanted to post 50s latest video because its so damn funny to me! 50s a sick individual, gotta give it up to him. that Chris Brown - Rihanna segment is gold....... gold i tells ya! Keep filming!!

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