Thursday, May 29, 2008


check this out mateys! last week the lovely ladies in the office had their umbrellas out coz ya boy was cooking up a storm! ooweee. i went for that good ole artery clogging island favourite for my dish: Taro and Corned beef. it was a bit of a risk coz i knew most of the gals at nzgirl would probably not have tried this before, and taro is definitely an aquired taste. but with a few gormet modifications *cough cough* the shit went down a treat! nah mean nah mean?

jacked from the website.

Mareko's Corned Beef and Taro
Time to Prepare: The cooking time was mainly upped by the taro which took 20 minutes to boil. Any other preparation could be done within that time, so all around a quick dish to whip up!

The $$$: This is a very inexpensive and economical dish - we were able to feed the entire office, 12 people! All up it cost just under $30, which works out to be a measly $2.50 per serve!

Taste Rating: After being informed that generally taro doesn’t go down too well for first timers, we were all pleasantly surprised with what turned out to be a pretty scrummy dish (scratch those rumours of taro being yucky!). The fact we all went back for seconds speaks for itself!

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