Thursday, May 8, 2008


oohhh hella jeah! i was moved when i heard Boyz 2 Men were making their return to NZ, ive seen them perform before and they are the shit live. But hearing the news of the Queen of hip hop soul arriving to our shores, i told my secretary to hold all my calls and cancel my appointments............. yep. June 16, (a day after my birthday...*hint hint anyone*) Mary J Blige will be playing at Aucklands Vector Arena and Wellingtons Town Hall. The Vector is a big bitch, so lets hope she gets a good response.

Heres where i first heard of the lovely blonde headed lady. Father MCs - ill do for you. awww, so cute.

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Slick-Van XL said...

Haha thats right, I remember you tellin me that was Mary when I pulled out the 90's vhs. "AM i finished..."