Monday, May 19, 2008

Sheek Louch - "Good Love"

You know i got a soft spot for that east-coast-boom-bap-sample-based-street shit. remember when you would eagerly anticipate the release of an artist, get it the day it was released, play that shit in the car, at home, to your boys or where ever for like a year straight til you knew every aspect of that record? aaaah the good ole days. Sheek Louches "Silverback Gorilla" wasnt one of them, but it sure did come close. heres some flash back shit!


Anonymous said...

Silverback Gorilla was one of those albums that caught me by suprise, I wasn't expecting much. But damn the album has a real nice old school and 90s grimy feel to it, you don't get that much today. Well worth the money and 'Good Love' is fire, love the beat.

Mareko said...

hard. i was surprised too. the mans finally getting his props. i think its actually charting better than the styles record.

Anonymous said...

Yeah styles album didn't have the same impact, there was a couple good joints but it just didn't have the same replay value as Silverback Gorilla.

On another note.... Props on the new album bro, picked it up the other day, production and lyrics are tight. It has got a nice mature feel to it, very refreshing.