Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lil WAYNE - Carter 3

shits fucked up. i dunno if ive been sub consicously brainwashed by Lil Wayne's Carter 3 marketing buzz, or im just feeling the way he sounds so cleverly stupid every time he spits. i dunno, but whatever it is, it got me eagerly waiting for the Carter 3 release. Anticipation i havent had for a release in a while sports fans.

Well its no secret that its unfortunately been leaked to the net by one of his roadies. killed. but it probably explains why i magically found a burnt cd lying on the ground on my way to the work place with "Carter 3" scribbled all over it. kiiiiilled.................... so after listening to the shit all day i gotta say that Carter 3 succeds in every aspect of a dope album. the production is slick and Weezy still sounds like a Gremlin, but shiet, Gizmo never sounded doper. my only low point would probably be the Jay Z collabo "Mr Carter". Its not a wack track, just with these two monsters in the booth it couldve been on some lunatic shit. "Dr Carter" is my shit though.

im going to still purchase this on its release, but its funny. who wouldve thought that one of the Cash Money Billionaires would single handedly keep hip hop afloat and be one of the most lyrically advanced dudes in 2008. BLING BLING!

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OD. said...

yea dude blowin up allright, that lollipop shit was like on repeat on ny radio stations