Monday, June 30, 2008

Vodka & Apple Juice DOWNLOAD

Golllyyyyy! been so busy lately that i didnt realise i was neglecting my poor blogging baby. there there.

In the weekend the Horsemen Fambam did a teenage fundraiser in Hamilton for local dance crew "Supremecy". They took out a national title and are trying to get Las Vegas to compete in the world champs, and deservedly so because they definitely have the skills to represent NZ. One observation of the night was how good that generation of kids are at dancing. It cracked me up because there was like 800 kids there and all of them were doing the latest video dance, but they were co-ordinated as fduck! a far cry from my socials, where it was either the same ole two step or you were lurking in the corners with your crew. anyways, good luck my dudes!

But what really cracked me up was the second part to the gang docco last Thursday. The youth gangs were comedy gold i tells ya! especially little fella from the crip crew.

Little Fella: We do everything!
Pam: have you guys done murder?
Little Fella: aahh.... hmmm.... uhhhh.... n-nah not yet... b-b-b-but we will!!

hard case. 100 points for you mate. aaaanyways, heres a track that loosely relates to all of this tom foolery. "Vodka & Apple Juice" Its pretty old and was one of the itunes bonus tracks for the Horsemen Family album. Its produced by yours truly and features member of the Supremecy crew, Pania. enjoy you dirty rascals!!

Click here to download

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