Monday, June 16, 2008

South Aucks Killing Spree = Too Many Liquor Stores

3 murders in ten days they say. i dont think you can put this latest kililng spree, or any of the issues in South Aucks down to one specific thing. Its been pissing down lately so there goes Annette King's Sun and Moon theory. But the most recent blame of choice seems to be the large number of liquor outlets in the area. It seems to be a valid argument, but i still blame that white stuff. The huge amount of liquor stores in the area causes competition between eachother, which in turn causes them to all drop their prices. So not only can you buy your liks almost anywhere out here, but you can get it cheaper out South than anywhere in the country. Aint that a bitch? it reminds me of Lawrence Fishburne's Boyz N The Hood spiel, "Why is there a liquor store on every corner of this neighbourhood, the same reason theres a gun store on every corner of this neighbourhood, why? they want us to kill ourselves, you got out to Beverly Hills you dont see that shit" which is extreme but not that far from the truth. maybe a few years? hurr hurr, its a good start but i still blame that white stuff for the majority of this shit mate.

But this didnt pop up over night. Its a well known fact that peoples around here have been demanding some change for a while. I remember this exact same time last year when that Waina Emery lady organised a youth protest through Rewa for this exact same reason which got hundreds of local youth taking to the streets. I guess it fell on deaf ears. no doubt shell have more of a foundation now to get her point across. The number of liquor stores argument is a good start. but negro plz! that isnt what prompted those kids to snatch that womans purse then run her over. i heard something today that when you wanna blame the parents for misled youth, but find the parents are just as fucked up as the kids, thats when you blame the community? so whos responsible for the community matey?

Aotearoa All Stars part 2 me thinks! except change the hook to "What the hell are you Drinking?" nah mean nah mean?


Twice As Nice said...

daym .. good read though bro ..
unknown nick

Remedy said...

Mad stress on the chest, shit is happening to close to home. Peeps gettin desperate these days maybe the Goverment should be looking at "why is that..." Its only getting worse

Mareko said...

hard. its only a handful of monkeys that havent been disciplined properly pulling this shit. anyone know the number to Sgt Julu from Sally Jesse Raphael?

Andrew Kinloch said...

That Sgt Julu comment was classic.

Maybe when Chris Rock comes in August he can bring the tossed salad man with him and leave him to work his magic in Rewa. Either that or we can threaten everyone that gets arrested with a trip to Helen Clarks dentist.

Seeing whats happening in SA these last few days has made me appreciate living in Invercargill a whole lot more.