Friday, June 11, 2010

DKONZ Bootlegs & Bsides #1: "Pork Buns (Coconut Deriere)"

ok, since Dawn Raid wanna take a trip down Dkonz memory lane with their Dkonz Throwback Thursdays i gotta couple of unreleased tracks, mixtape rarities and various shit of that nature of my own to put up. (crack up photos / cool idea btw) Might aswell right?

Click here to download "Pork Buns" a track i did for the Live At The Apollo 2 mixtape.

stay tuned for some more gems mate. enjoy you digital gangsters you!

Mareko - Pork Buns (Coconut Deriere) by marekothehorse

1 comment:

dubsmith said...

Wondered what happened to that mixtape, the track with Tyna was dope. Shot yo, downloading now