Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chingy Gold Coast Show

Ahoy there! Just did finished the Chingy show with the big homie Sav in the weekend !at Shooters Bar in Gold Coast. Went off haaaaaaaard. Only on the Coast can you get a thousand plus people in the club on a Sunday. But I dont know what makes these internationals with dying careers act like cocks, but damn Chingy was an eeeeeeeeeats. mud stage show, eat ass towards everybody. Golly it was embarrassing! kudos to Queensland Red rugby player Ezra Taylor for giving Chingy and his security the fingers from point blank range at end of night. goooooooooood!

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Wayne said...

Haha, thats gold! So you're now living here on the coast? Whens your next gig, i missed out on the one you did in May. Shot Big Rex - NZ's GOAT haha!