Sunday, April 6, 2008


when i first heard his myspace page was #24 on myspaces top hip hop artists chart, beating out acts like DMX, Lil Kim, Ice Cube, Wu Tang and Warren G i was like "Aaaaye?!!" thats the shit, but i didnt realise how big his buzz was gonna get. Tuesday last week, i walked in to the studio and everybody up there was buzzing for some reason, turns out they just found out Savage was #173 on the American .... yes the American itunes hip hop chart for "Swing". With no American promotion or label or anything! ..... nothing! But wait theres more! by the next day, it had jumped more than a hundred spots into the top 100 at #77!! "Aaaaayyyyeee???!?!" but hold on sports fans, thats not even the best part, coz right now as i type this, its currently sitting at #16, AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?! and even THATS not the best part!! yeah the ranking is all good, but its the opportunities that may come from this little blessing that is the exciting thing. and you can bet those opportunities will be big .... BIG I TELLS YA!! shot ya big dummy!!


Remedy said...
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Remedy said...

Congrats to Savage and hopefully this will lead to a bigger and brighten future.

Twice As Nice said...

AyeeeEE????!?!??! haha
what a sick cunt..

oi u big dummy did sav give you them drums i burnt for you ?????