Friday, April 25, 2008


Alright fuck the bullkaka. The Dawnraid CEOs got me in the studio working on a Saturday and shit (sup Andy!) and after hours of making beats, everything started to sound redundant and the good ole mental block started to build, and mental blocks are one big fat hairy bitch when your trying to be creative. So me and Pauly Smallz (also working on Saturday) took a small break and our bullkaka conversation turned into serious schoolground debating. ie, my brother can beat up your brother to my favourite wrestler can beat up your favourite wrestler to.. well you get the picture. but one we couldnt agree on was John Campbell vs Mark Sainsbury. Pauly reckons hes seen John Campbell in real life and says hes as big as the sky tower. but to me Mark Sainsbury looks like a deadly, thunder clapping, 18 inches of flesh piering tusk having sea Walrus! and we all know not to fuck with a sea walrus! nah mean nah mean? what you reckon? ..... ok back to work.

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P-MONEY said...

Congratulations. You just gave me my first actual LOL from a NZ blog