Sunday, April 6, 2008

GIRLS download

ok, the mixtape has finally landed hot from the pressers, ready for you to upload to limewire! :) :) so before i take to the streets and hand these puppies out and put a link up for an entire mixtape download, ill just upload this final freestyle/track to tie you over til then. its called "Girls" and uses the "Tom Brock - There is Nothing In This World" record as used by some rapper called Jay Z. I think hes from the states...... anyways, ENJOY!!

Click here to download

*EDIT: link fixed.

1 comment:

Hy said...

oi blog profreshional... you uploaded devolos "oh man" track instead of the "girls" one mate.. just thought id let you know ... dont want you disappointing any more fans ...

love ur number 1