Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Horsemen Family and the good peoples at Alize combine powers to bring you this mixtape featuring brand new tracks exclusive to Alize. Purchase 2 bottles of alize from select liquor stores and you get this wee beauty for free......FREE I TELLS YA! i like drinking Alize because the shit makes me feel like im drinking Raro. Next time you see me ill be walking around the club with a 2 litre milk bottle or a big ass plastic jug full of Alize. nah mean nah mean? if your going to get the two bottles, i suggest the wild passion and the gold passion and mixing the two. yummy yummy.

01 - Get You Wasted - Rezoloot feat. Devolo & Savage (Produced by DJ Montana)
02 - All About It - Concrete ( Produced by DJ Montana)
03 - Do Ya Thang - Axeman (Produced by DJ Montana)
04 - Curious - Frum Tha Stablez feat. Lyric (Produced by Mareko)
05 - Get Down - Horsemen Family (Produced by DJ Montana)
06 - My Hood - Kartel (Produced by DJ Blaze)
07 - Turn This Up - Theoklef feat. Mareko (Produced by DJ Montana)
08 - Holiday - Axeman feat. Devolo (Produced by DJ Blaze)
09 - Make It Fizz - Frum Tha Stablez (Produced by DJ Montana)
10 - Throw It Up Part2 - Horsemen Family (Produced by Mareko)


Remedy said...

Hopefully JJ's on Dawson Road will have it. I got a few bottles in the stash but I'll tell the wifey its for her and keep it like I always do. Any tracklist?

Mareko said...

haha. shot bradas. yeah ill chuck up the track list.

La said...

Hey, wondering if yous and the horseman family would lie to come to my mums 50th birthday if yous are not busy..