Thursday, April 24, 2008

ANZAC Update

Today we mourn those fallen souljahs that gave their life for the freedom we have today... The we gots to go to work. Busy busy times this week with a lot of promo for the album "White Sunday 2: The Book Of Mark" instores & online monday so copppp that!!!
Been busy banging out beatz in the studio with Montana and working on new joints with the US man of the moment Savage...

Shouts to Mouli, Sunstance & Penfold for Trueskool lastnight.. Hopefully we'll get that audio up soon aye guys!?? It just so happened that C-Netik & RES were at bFM too sheeesh we gotta stop bumpin into eachotherz like that.. But we'll be taking a break from the busy schedule and be up at 4:20 tonight to check them out live... and have a drink or 2.. CHING! CHING!!

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