Monday, August 11, 2008


Afternoon sportsfans! Check out a new track from Live At The Apollo 2. Its called "Pork Buns (coconut deriere)" and features my man Sanjesh. Basically I had a few spare moments between adding the finishing touches on volos album and doing the tail end of the White Sunday 2 promo. Ive had enough time to put together the second installment to my "Live At The Apollo" series. Its near completion and should be ready for your consumption in a couple of weeks. For those not in the know, the theme of Live At the Apollo is just myself and a couple of choice friends spitting over dry, or semi dry original samples of popular hip hop tracks. Click here to download the first volume.

So check it out mates, some exclusive shit from the second volume sees moi freaking Hossam Ramzy's "Khusara Khusara" track as made popular by Jay Z for "Big Pimping" stay posted for more shit. CHING CHING!


I Miss Cigarettes... said...


i hearrrrrrrr ya buddy i heaaaaarrrrrrr dat

haha pork buns

Zachary said...

Dope, that 1st tape was crack. "Sin City" is about the dopest NZ Shit I heard this year