Sunday, August 3, 2008


had to start the week off with a bang! so here you go sports fans, a track from Devolos forthcoming debut solo LP "Heaven & Hell" i found floating around on the net. I think its been leaked from the dawn raid studio engineer........ anyways! the track is rough and is fresh outta the pro tools session, so its yet to be mixed and mastered but its still decent enough to listen to, so go on and give it a whirl!

The track is called "What We Do" and is produced by yours truly! working on this album has been refreshing and satisfying, partly due to the fact that its finally cool to see my mans get his just due on the solo tip. "Heaven & Hell" instores and online in September. nah mean nah mean?

Click here to download!


P-MONEY said...

nice one there buddy.
many prizzops

But what I wanna know is when can we get Devolo to do a cover of Sir-Mix-A-Lot ' I like Big butts?? I reckon he could nail it! (n/h) Hes got that tone!!

Mareko said...

cheers mate! yah he sure does. but put em on the glass would be the shit! *whoa*

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

yo, that track is dope son
yo, yeah son, word son

yo peace

nah but seriously, pretty mean bro