Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hip Hop Guard

Saw this on nahright a couple sleeps ago. I wasnt gonna touch on it but im curious as to what you filthy mc nasties think. At first you cant help but stand back and look at it as another respected rapper just mad at the current state of the scene but the man brings up some interesting points. Obviously there is a top tier of Exec/MCs in the game that have more pull (or push) in certain circles. Shiet i know you raised your monobrow at the whole Hip-Hop-Is-Dead-and-President-Jiggas-Kingdom-Come release situation.

Would Puffy sign another fat-black-ugly-as-ever rapper? probably not. The music biz is too American Idoled for that. Someone take a risk mates! But you gotta respect young ass Souljah Boy for saying fuck the guard and doing it himself to the point hes got a yellow lambourghinni on his new clip. i dont care if its rented, that young dude definitely has enough to buy one.

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