Thursday, August 14, 2008


fresh out the protools oven my good friends! heres another rough track from Devolos forthcoming album "Heaven & Hell" this hearty serving is called "Get Em" and is produced by yours truly! nah mean nah mean? its on some nightmare on elm street shit but innocent enough to bump on your way to church! give it a whirl mates!

Heaven & Hell instores & online September!!

Click to Listen to "Devolo - Get'Em"

Devolo - Get Em.mp3">

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jonglittle said...

What's up man? I know this has nothing to do with this video, but I'm trying to get a hold of ya. I hit you up on myspace, but I figured I'd try you here as well. Anyways

My name is Jon Little. I’m an Honours Anthropology student at Auckland University. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

I'm writing an honors dissertation on Sample-Based Hip Hop Productions and I was hoping to set up an interview with you sometime in the next few weeks (or as early as you’re available).

Let me tell you a little bit more about what I'm researching and why.

First, I chose this subject because I'm a huge hip hop fan, and I make sample-based beats myself.

Second, after reading all kinds of academic articles on sampling I noticed a ridiculous/disturbing trend. Basically tons of academics are writing about hip hop production, but next to no one is actually sitting down and talking with producers about how they actually make beats and conceptualize the process themselves.
So basically, that's what I'm trying to do. I'm aiming to interview 5 hip hop producers and just generally talk to them about their process of sampling and making beats and what not.

If you're interested you can email me ( or call me at 021-295-7984 (sorry I don't have a landline).